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IA: Initiate (Book 1)

This is a book review for IA: Initiate (Book 1) by John Darryl Winston Warning: this may contain spoilers Young "Naz" is dreaming about a past incident. He finds himself locked in a bathroom and things are flying around and he is suddenly falling through the floor. Shadowy specters surround him. Wait... What? The problem is that he is not sure if he is dreaming, sleepwalking or hallucinating. The disarray in the bathroom that has the foster parent up in arms tells a different story. His ace and best sidekick is Meri, his super smart sister, whom he has promised to himself to get out of the ghetto they live in with their newest foster parent. At every turn, however, there are people that want something else. This story is about an extraordinary young boy who has a secret. Unfortunately, his secret is hiding from him as well. As the story progresses we see that there is much more to young "Naz" than even he knows. He is living day to day hoping to stay out of