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Featured Writer Spotlight and Interview: Author Robb T White

Last year I reviewed author Robert White's book NorthTown ECLIPSE. After the review I had the opportunity to speak with the author a little more about the book. He patiently answered my questions and  through emails I began to understand his writing style a little better. I thought he would be a great author to introduce to you, my readers in this year's Writer's Spotlight and he graciously accepted my request to do an interview. So without further ado let's meet crime fiction author Robert White.
NameRobert WhiteYour Website or social media sites are you on?Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads
Twitter: @tomhaftmann
In the Author's WordsI'm married, retired, with three grown children, three grandchildren. Writing is my only hobby, and I have a black cat named Athena, and I've spent nearly all my life in Ashtabula, Ohio. Other than a…