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The Word Changers

This is a book review for The Word Changers by Ashlee Willis From the beginning sentence until the last, this story sweeps you away into a fantasy adventure that is engaging and full of magical characters. This is a Christian Fantasy adventure by new author Ashlee Willis that proves you can have a great fantasy story that is imaginative, youth appropriate and fun to read. We wake up in the story along with the Main Character, Posy to find she is no longer in her tumultuous home life. You're not in Kansas any more Dorothy ....but I digress. She is thrown into the role of the missing main character and at every corner is finding that there is no one to trust. Almost everyone she meets has devious plans brewing. The trusted advisor has plans of his own too (Judas much?). Similar to her life back home,  family discord abounds and she has got to find a way out. No one is really whom they should be,greed and selfishness are the true rulers in this story. Posy soon finds herse

Tempted by Trouble by Eric Jerome Dickey

This is my review for Tempted by Trouble by Eric Jerome Dickey In this gritty urban tale, we learn about the weight of one man's moral fortitude and right and wrong compass. Men always seem to want the bad girl. Then they are surprised when they are betrayed. You really didn't see that coming?... This is exactly what is wrong with Dmytryk Knight. He came, he saw her, he conquered her...or so he thought. Things in this urban fairy tale turn sour real quick.  Once the money is gone, well you know. But Dmytryk has a plan.  Well, at least he thinks he has a plan. He makes a deal or two with the proverbial devil. After embarking on a criminal path, he is tested at every turn. Trouble aka Cora disappears and then appears later as the enemy. At this point you start to really feel kind of bad for Dmytryk. But he is stronger than we think and also wittier. I love the antagonists in the story, they are written in splendid diabolical fashion. Uncaring, devious and written so