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Plans and Goals for 2022

  IT'S 2022, Yall! Usually, This post would have been done in early January, but I was busy like so many others. I was also trying to decide if I wanted to start this blog again. The answer? We'll see.  I would like to get back into promoting independent authors.  After publishing two of my own books under my pen name, and more coming, I found myself dealing with freelancers in other countries and timezones. I wondered why there weren't more freelancers offering services right here in the US. at affordable pricing. However, I did spend quite a bit on marketing and have yet to see any return. But the books are out there for the world to see. I will not focus on them anymore and continue writing the books I started. Maybe I will look up and be pleasantly surprised that I have made some sales one day. I miss hyping up new authors. From my own experience, it can be tough to build up an audience. I found that I had a fair amount of reads when I offered my books for free, but I w