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Time to Buy!

  Hello Awesome readers, It's time to buy these books!  These two books have been on Amazon for 30 days and have received no love whatsoever! They got thousands of pre-publication reads when they weren't even edited. Help this self-published author out. Add it to your Kindle Unlimited. You can read these books in a few hours.  Once we get sales going, both books will be offered in print or paperback. Kissing in the Rain will even have a limited edition lovers cover for the print version. WHAT!!!!! Yep. It's already printed!  So pick one or choose both! The second and third books coming out of the Forestdale world are being written now. You don't necessarily have to read the books in order, but characters will pop up from previous books, which will help make the reading more fluid.  Did you know Forestdale is a spinoff series from the upcoming novel GINNIE TRANSFORMED? I'm not trying to make any spoilers or promises, but we may have some crossovers happening! Don'