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From deep in the covid 19 hotzone that is Florida

Hello my lovelies,  I sincerely hope you all are doing well, adjusting to a more clean and safe lifestyle. I extend my apologies and sympathy to those that are suffering through this coronavirus disease and have or are losing loved ones.  I thank those, that have and are standing up for the lives of all,  including black lives, that are thought of as less than, for whatever differences seem to be the demon of the day. We all matter. We all have something to add to this world. We all have a purpose,  no matter what belief you resign to. That person standing next to you may be a crucial part in a major change in our lives that one day eradicates cancer, or gets us out into the galaxy, or finds a way to preserve this planet's wildlife or water supplies. We have to stop allowing our baser self to lead us in disgusting acts of hatred and aggression that literally and figuratively stamp the light out of others.  I often wonder what would happen if there was no crime of any sort for 30 da