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Book Review: Unveiled- book 2 of the Unbreakable Series

This is my long overdue book review of  UNVEILED book 2 of the Unbreakable Series by author Zel ly Jordan I would like to start off by sincerely apologizing to the author for not being able to complete the review last year.        #COVID19Message-   I hope that all of my readers and followers are well, coping with the new changes, being safe, wearing masks and if not wearing gloves have access to and are using hand sanitizer, being smart about social distancing and are showing love by being kind and courteous to one another.   I also hope that you had more time to read while sheltering in place and staying home. This is an adult paranormal suspense romance with violence, adult language, and mild to maximum sexual content. So if any of that offends you, or they are triggers know the way off the blog! This is my book review on the second book in the unbreakable series by Australian author Zelly Jordan. This was an ARC provided by the author for the sole purpose of an unbiased revi

Book Review: Fragile Boundaries: A Flash Fiction Short Story Collection

This is my unsolicited review of  Fragile Boundaries: A Flash Fiction Short Story Collection  by author RE Vaughn It's been a while since I've read a short story collection,  which when I  do, I usually enjoy.  This collection, while clearly well thought out, was a wierd menagerie of bite size snippets of shitty life moments that felt like a bit too much realism. I even stopped after the second story to google flash fiction to make sure I understood what it was.  Fragile Boundaries has a good mixture of different genres.  The stories give you a very narrow glimpse of a character's life in which an action has happened or is going to happen that guides the story and how they respond. Its mostly things that could have happened to any of us. But, the author has somehow trapped you while reading. In each story you are in there with each character, feeling their very well written and developed thoughts and actions. Whether you want to be in there or not.  Some of the stories feel