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Merry Christmas 2018

May your Christmas be filled with love laughter , family and friends and of course... Loads of books. And Book Boyfriends...or book girlfriends Thanks to all of the authors whose books have been a part of this years blog. I hope you get tons more readers and followers! Keep writing those wonderful books! Thank you to my readers and subscribers to to this blog! Happy Holidays!--SL Thomson

Book Review: Northtown ECLIPSE

This is my review of Northtown Eclipse by author Robert White . Author Robert White requested a review of his book and promptly mailed me a hard copy. After starting the book I went ahead and bought the e-book for the ease of reading. So I may do a giveaway. The story was well written and edited with very few errors. There is profanity, adult situations, treachery, violence, cheating, murder and suicide in this crime novel leading up to the eclipse. And that is just the tip of the story. If any of these are triggers please read at your own discretion. Author Robert White gives us a slightly broken and severely cosmetically flawed private investigator ( no book boyfriend here my lovelies ) whose fiery demons nip at him constantly. But none the less, a man with a sharp mind and fierce determination to get to the truth, whilst trying to save his brother. Before we go any further I want to point out that this style of writing is called hard boiled . It's a tough, unsent