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Reading alien scifi romance

4 and 5 🔎 alien scifi romance reads you must check out Hello my lovelies, yes, yes, I  know....its been a while.  I have been focusing on my writing and have taken a break to do some reading to help calm my nerves from my everyday life. But I  am not going to bore you with my life, so let’s talk about what I have been reading lately. I lost my birth mother on March 31st this year and have been losing myself in in off planet worlds to deal with my grief. ALIENS! I am usually all about the vampires but came across these books and have been devouring the series like a starving fat man at a buffet. The decriptions of their physical bodies makes you want to reach through the book and run your fingers over their skin for yourself. All authors did a phenomenal job of world building and making unique creatures to keep you entertained, curious and hanging onto every word. I have currently read all of the book available in the series listed below and wait anxiously for the next installations or