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Hello my lovelies, yes, yes, I  know....its been a while. 

I have been focusing on my writing and have taken a break to do some reading to help calm my nerves from my everyday life. But I  am not going to bore you with my life, so let’s talk about what I have been reading lately. I lost my birth mother on March 31st this year and have been losing myself in in off planet worlds to deal with my grief.

ALIENS! I am usually all about the vampires but came across these books and have been devouring the series like a starving fat man at a buffet. The decriptions of their physical bodies makes you want to reach through the book and run your fingers over their skin for yourself. All authors did a phenomenal job of world building and making unique creatures to keep you entertained, curious and hanging onto every word.

I have currently read all of the book available in the series listed below and wait anxiously for the next installations or am moving on to their other series.These books are written for adults. you have been warned.

Author Luna Kingsley Ro'hilian Warriors series.

It is exciting,  sexy and full of adventure.  I can't get enough.  Imagine waking up and finding yourself basically stuck with an alien while trying to stay alive in an alien prison environment.  Mad scary right? Scaring, the impossible odds each fight brought with it and then an unexpected, searing hot devotion with sex that can only be that amazing in books...yep. Then this is a must read alien scifi romance lovers. Who knew I would find another trope that I really honest to goodness enjoy! Why is September so far away? Why!!!!!

I started reading the Barbarians of Xavier series while waiting for the next story in the hunky Silver alien series. That comes out in September. While I really like this author's Ro'hilian Warriors series, and the cool worldbuilding,  I am not as obsessed with this Barbarian series. It has all of the action, adventure, and smexy, but the author  has definitely managed to capture the barbarian world building and you feel like you have been transported backwards into the time of cave people. I just ... I don't know, but I am not liking it as well. I admit that I am a bit spoiled and expected at least a little tech. She truly captured a non tech world, the brooding, rough handling of the main female character. I could imagine the chill and dark of the caves. Thank goodness she found her voice and was fiesty. I might still check out the next book in the Barbarians of Xavier series because, I just have to know what happens next. Pick up your copy, you will be drawn into this wild, untamed world too.

Another scifi alien romance series I really enjoyed was by author Honey Phillips  Exposed to the elements series.  The first two books were an excellent idea and fun reading.  Both the alien and the human wake up naked in a foreign world and have to work together to reach a destination to get home. Of course the trek across unfamiliar  territory isn't going to be easy. Especially when they cannot understand each other. Each story so far has been fascinating and I usually read it in a sitting. each alien and human have such strong personalities. The pacing of the stories is excellent and you find that you don’t want them to end. I  personally liked the second story just a little better than the first. It was how the alien was written and anatomically designed. Update: just read the 3rd book and it was very good. The two alien scientist behind this are having some issues remaining biased so let's see where and if that takes us anywhere.

I am also currently reading a series called Voxeran Fated mates by author Presley Hall. These books are a little more in depth and the storyline is great. I love this series. Did I say love yes, I love this series. The couples are brought together through massive danger. The planet is like taking a step back in time but there is something so pleasing and warm about these aliens once the bond happens. it's swoon worthy and the anatomical pleasure differential is worth a look see. They have language barriers initially. Everything and everyone on this world is literally trying to kill them, eat them or sell them. As if that's not enough they  barely survive their spaceship crash landing on the wrong planet and let's not even get into everyone's head space issues. Half of the survivors didn't even know they were taken from earth. This is a wonderful series. The author takes her time weaving her stories and bringing each couple together. There are some laugh out loud moments and I am resigning myself to read each book in the series. Not sure if there will actually be more books in this series or not. 

Another series I have been exploring and gorging on is by author  Tammy Walsh. Her fated mates of breeder prison series is dark and absolutely page turning. 
ok slight spoiler alert...the thing with the horns in the desert and I ain't talking about the fish....O.M.G. I was so there for that, but you have to read the series to figure out which book this scene appears in. There is violence a plenty, danger situations and around every corner and love beyond understanding in this series. While the first two books were seriously awesome, I am gonna say I was there for the f.o.y.l moment. The rest of the constant danger and uncertainty was masterfully written and how they managed to survive in the open was super creative but may I suggest that you got to hold on for the bunny....that's all I am going to say about that. I also like the epilogues for each story so make sure you sign up for those.

This series Alien Gladiators of Sikoda by Madison Savage is definitely a must read.
So some evil alien scientist decide to incentivize their warrior prisoners. But no one could have guessed at the outcome or the brutality or the secrets of the man running the show.
Marking their prizes was a bit brutal and it was like you could feel the pain right off the page. Oh and there is a side character that you will just love. Trust me on this! But everyone of these fated couples is interesting, well developed and the heat, devotion and danger jumps off the pages and settles in your chest. Author Madison Savage thank you for these hunky aliens.

The overall take away in these series is the singular all consuming love and fierce need to protect.  The  heat and romance while in perilous danger is kindle scorching. Each story takes a fabulously unique way of getting there. The individual reviews are on Amazon and Goodreads. 
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