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Review: Resolve and Retribution

This is a book review for Resolve and Retribution by Michael W HolmanWarning this may contain spoilers

Yay! It's a vampire story review! As you all know I love, love, love, my vampire stories!

This is a supernatural, paranormal kinda 'love' story that is filled with action, betrayal, adventure and a fearless resolve. Resolve and Retribution grabs you on the first page and carries you along for the ride of a lifetime...well actually Ben Hammonds lifetime.

Author Michael W Holman's debut novel spins a unique tale that starts in the MC Ben Hammond's life when he was a young, fragile boy. This first book in the series (yes there is a second part to the awesomeness!) reads almost like two parts of a series by itself. The first part of the story gives us an in depth introduction into Ben's life, introduces us to his family, friends, work buddies and people in his life that had a direct influence on him. They all play integral parts in the story and unfortunately  ar…

Patriots Day Year 14

Like me, most people remember where they were and what they were doing 14 years ago today.
On September 11, 2001 I was working for the Orange County Clerk of Courts. Just finishing up a call when a co-worker said that a plane hit a tower at the World Trade Center.  I asked her why she was telling me.  I was frustrated after the call I took and although I immediately recognized it as tragic,  she had to repeat it for me to understand the true significance of her statement.  I have carried this shame for 14 years.  I somehow felt less patriotic because I was slow on the uptake.
I was working 12, 14 and some days 16 hours,  so I had little time to watch television and quite frankly was in an overall bitter place in my life. I  envied that she was on a desk where they could listen very quietly to a radio as they trudged through endless court documents. I could only listen to people whining about their court dates, make excuses about dui incidents that took someone's life, how I  just…

Wednesday Wine and A Book

Wednesday Wine and a Book segment is for the grown and sexy adults 21+ who enjoy a tasty adult beverage along with their favorite author. So raise your glass. It's always 5pm on #WWAB
Wednesday Wine and A Book This week's theme is Ice

Neige Apple Ice Wine Neige (which means snow) is made from apples harvested in the fall and pressed at Christmas time. Their juice is then kept outside in the freezing winter cold, in order to naturally separate the sugar from the water through the process known as cryo-concentration. This is the way we then obtain our precious syrup, which we let slowly ferment over a period of 6 to 7 months.
Neige Apple Ice Wine (375ML half-bottle) - Fruit Wine Dessert Wine
The color is a golden yellow with light reflections. On the nose it is pure and clean, the aroma of freshly-picked ripe apple with striking intensity. On the palate it's a crisp, flavorful attack. A perfect balance of sugar and acidity. Perfect as an aperitif or to accompany sharp cheese …

Review: The House on Seventh Street

I received a copy of The House on Seventh Street by Karen Vorbeck Williams in exchange for an honest review from the publisher via NetGalley.

My Review-
From the description and book cover I was intrigued. I have not read anything yet by this author so this is my first chance to do so.
I started reading the book and immediately realized it was not at all what I assumed.

The story, set in 1999 is told mostly through flashbacks along two timelines expertly weaved together.

The main character Winna is called back home after a family tragedy. Winna is tasked with settling the estate and getting the huge Edwardian mansion back to a sell-able state. Winna comes face to face with her own personal family issues in this story, in addition to all of the drama the House on Seventh Street is about to unleash on her. At first the memories and feel of the house are too much for her but then as she goes through the old house, every turn, every object has a story to tell.  There are old love letters, …

Review: He's Just a Man

He's Just A Man: Making the Most of your Womanly Powers by Rebecca Warner
Because of the title, I was not sure what I signed up for. I was hoping that it was not going to be a scorned woman's pen to paper male bashing, being passed off as self help. 
Refreshingly, it was not. This book essentially takes a straightforward, unabashed look at some very common issues with the dating and sexual rituals between men and women; taking those preconceived notions and turning them on their head.  

Throughout the book, author Rebecca Warner is encouraging and upbeat, welcoming women to experience the power of owning our lot in life as women. Championing the truly strong women in us all. Challenging the reader to be receptive and adaptable to a different way of looking at whatever traditional or non existing notions they may have. This self help book is more like friendly advice and does not feel preachy or boring.
This book is truly written for everyone! In language, that at times feels a…

Wednesday Wine and A Book

Wednesday Wine and a Book segment is for the grown and sexy adults 21+ who enjoy a tasty adult beverage along with their favorite author. So raise your glass. It's always 5pm on #WWAB
Wednesday Wine and A Book This week's theme is Invisible (Changed to disappearing act!)

The Wine suggestion was supposed to be the critically acclaimed Cimicky Invisible Man Shiraz2010 but like its name sake it disappeared...I kid you not. It has sold out and I have no date for when it will be available through  You can get on the waiting list or you can probably find a local carrier who may have it in stock. :(

The book accordingly is The Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison 

Invisible Man is a milestone in American literature, a book that has continued to engage readers since its appearance in 1952. A first novel by an unknown writer, it remained on the bestseller list for sixteen weeks, won the National Book Award for fiction, and established Ralph Ellison as one of the key writers of the c…