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Want to see my review style? Check out my reviews of three different genres
🍏  IA: Initiate (Book 1)   πŸ The Word Changers

🍏Night of the Shadows: Murder and Mayhem- S.M. Randle


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I prefer new adult /adult fiction, paranormal, romance, fantasy, sci-fi romance and erotic books for reviews, but am not limited by those preferences in giving a fair and honest review. Books do not need to be any particular length. Obviously one- sitting books (novellas) are quicker to read and review than series and epic sagas.  I don't usually review non-fiction, memoirs or self help books. I will not review baby daddy, step family romance or books with heavy racist words or themes. I will review erotica, RH and LGBT fiction.

I use a simple 5 spyglass or (star) rating

5 πŸ”ŽπŸ”ŽπŸ”ŽπŸ”ŽπŸ”Ž excellent read, thought it was fantastic, a must read, highly recommends

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3 πŸ”ŽπŸ”ŽπŸ”Ž        liked it, enjoyable read,  recommends

2 πŸ”ŽπŸ”Ž            so-so read, struggled to finish, cautious recommendation

1 πŸ”Ž                did not like at all, wouldn't recommend


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🍏 Reviews by Who She Reads πŸ
books listed without links have been reviewed on 1 or more of the following sites:
Amazon/Kindle, Goodreads, Kobo, BN, NetGalley, BookBub, etc

A Wish Made of Glass YA Christian Fantasy
A Vampire's Saving Embrace  Paranormal Romance
Asleep  YA Psychological Drama
A Wolf's Savage Embrace   Werewolf Paranormal Romance
Alien's Mate- Science Fiction Romance 
Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder  Short story
A Gentleman's Luck  Historical Romance

Bad Boy Revelation  Erotic romance
Bad Boy Prospect   Erotic romance
Bad Boy Brawler   Erotic romance
Bad Boy Con Man   Erotic romance
Born of Embers  -YA Reverse Harem
BrewGirl    Urban Contemporary Romance

Counsellor: Acquisition series book 1   Erotica, BDSM, Thriller
Craze  Alien, Science Fiction Romance
Captured by the Alien Warrior - Science Fiction Romance, Alien
Conquered  Science Fiction, Alien, Reverse Harem, BDSM
Charlotte's Army  Science Fiction Reverse Harem
Curvy for Him: the Teacher and The Trainer  Adult Romance 
Cocky Playboy Adult Erotic Romance 

Dissident (Omnibus) (DNF) first 3 books in the series Crime, Political Mystery, Suspense Thriller
Desert Magnolia (DNF) -
Desired by the White Vampire  Paranormal Romance


Fractured  Paranormal romance
Fragile Scars  Adult Romantic Thriller
Fragile Boundaries:A Flash Fiction Short Story Collection 


He's Just A Man   Self Help
Heat   Erotica Novella
Harleigh (Volatile Vixen #1) dark superhero fantasy romance
Her Majesty's Dragon  Fantasy
Hannah's Choice  Erotica
House of Illusions  Dark Fairytale 
Heart of The Reaper Dark Monster Romance

IA: Initiate  Science Fiction, Superhero
IA: B.O.S.S.  Science Fiction, Superhero
IA: Union   Science Fiction, Superhero



Love & Happiness    African American Contemporary Romance
Lei/She   (English Translated) Shorty Horror

Magnate: Acquisition series book 2  Erotica, BDSM, Thriller
Marcus' Mortal Embrace  Vampire Paranormal Romance
Multiple People Pleasure     Adult Erotica

Neverwhere Fantasy
Northtown Eclipse  Crime Fiction

Off the Beaten Path Romance

Paper Dolls YA Psychological Drama


Resolve and Retribution  YA Paranormal
Returns and Reunions   YA Paranormal
Raevu   Alien, Science Fiction Romance
Red's Wolf  A dark romance /Red Riding Hood Retelling

Silver In The Moonlight  YA and  New Adult Paranormal
Salinor (DNF) Fantasy Saga
Sold to an Alien Prince  Science Fiction Romance
Sins of the FATHER   MC Sci Fi Alien Time Travel Romance
Surrender - Adult Contemporary Sports Romance

Tempted by Trouble  Urban Suspense
The Vampire Next Door   Paranormal Romance
The Day The Walls Cried   African American Urban Suspense and Mystery
The House on Seventh Street   Historical Mystery
The Word Changers  YA Christian Fantasy and Adventure
Tell Me You Want Me  Rock and Roll Romance
The Nefarious, Noble & Nocturnal   Paranormal short story compilation
Theirs to Protect  Dystopian Reverse Harem Romance
Theirs to Pleasure  Dystopian Reverse Harem
The Fine Art of Deception   Time travel mystery/suspense romance
Tower  Dark Romantic Rapunzel Retelling/Adult Gothic Romance
The Life and Lies of Danny Diaz a short story 

Unveiled Adult Paranormal 


War of Rain (DNF) YA Fantasy




🍏 Series πŸ
(books reviewed individually on Amazon and Goodreads)

🍏Alien sci-fi romance series

The Naked Alien, The Bare  Essentials, A Nude Attitude: Exposed to the Elements series Sci fi Alien Romance


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πŸ‘“Free ARC requests are done based on my availability. I primarily do free ARC reviews thru NetGalley, XpressoTours, Net Galley, GoodReads, Books Go Social,  bookrevieweryellowpages,  Ardent ProseARC reviews provided through XpressoTours, Net Galley, GoodReads, Books Go Social, and Ardent Prose will be posted additionally as requested on their site.

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If your review has to be done within a short amount of time, there is a huge chance it will get rejected. Please consider sending a physical copy of the book if its in print since you are not paying for a review. Not all reviews will appear on my blog. Especially free ARC requests. They will only be posted on the media site requested, which is usually Amazon.

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A word or two about what and why I charge

You are essentially paying me a very small stipend for my time to read your book and write reviews. Most books (on average) take 4-10 hours or more to read (which can take several days) and another hour or two to get my thoughts together to do the reviews, photograph the books, create a social media picture and promote the reviews which can happen over several days. So my time is modestly valued at somewhere close to $3 per hour. (Way less than minimum wage) I don't know many people who would work for this amount of money. So in essence you are not paying for the review at all, but barely my time. I don't skim books but read them thoroughly and in an engaged fashion. Your support is greatly appreciated and I am honored to be a part of your literary journey. To your success! 

I am on IG, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and in several Facebook groups. I have joined a few great communities where your promotions and reviews may also be shared.


ARC Reviews currently in queue for Who She Reads πŸ
(In no particular order and not a complete list)

Wild About the Wrangler- Vickie Lewis Thompson
Wounded- Ben Burgess, Jr
When We Were- Alexandria Diaz (NetGalley)
Matriarch- Sloane Howell
Bad Boy Con Man - Sloane Howell
Halfway Dead and Halfway Bitten- Terry Maggert
The Billionaire's Sub-M.S. Parker
Brooklyn Rockstar- Jennifer Ann (Xpresso)
Red-A Love Story - Nicole Collet
Painting Sky Rita Bridges (Xpresso Tours)
Broken Pieces- Kelly Moore
This Old Heart of Mine- A.J. Compton
Sovereign- Celia Aaron
Daddy's Girl-Ben Burgess Jr (BGS)

Desert Magnolia (DNF) - Dedra L. Stevenson
Dissident (Omnibus)(DNF) first three books in the series- Cecilia London
War of Rain-(DNF) H.W. Vivian
Salinor-(DNF) Samuel Alexander

Some ARCs/Reviews  will be listed but will not appear on the blog with a link due to the author requesting the review appear on another site. Please feel free to still check out those books. Some books will have a DNR/ DNF listing meaning I Did Not Read It or I Did Not Finish it.
Unfortunately it could be for a number of reasons, some because of the language or tone, I may feel offended and sometimes the story just loses my interest.
A DNF does not always mean that its a bad book. It could simply mean I just wasn't into it at the time I was asked, or attempting to read it, I did not have time to read it or I could not finish it by the requested deadline. I usually try to go back at a later time and look at it with fresh eyes.



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