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This new site

Recently on Twitter, I was pleased to connect with this new follower. We all love new followers  and connections and I love being able to connect with authors and writers. It is expanding my world of books, writings and musings. I was down with a migraine (once again) on Saturday morning and while being confined to bed, decided to check my messages. I was invited to a simple Saturday morning delight. The site has poetry and stories of erotically written literary fiction and even some interestingly off the beaten track videos. It is a smart and kitschy approach to the base, down and dirty, sometimes uncouth writing that erotica can be. This lovely little gem is called KafkaRotica. They can be found on Twitter  @KafkaRoti ca  and  Facebook . Poetic musings, that compare booty popping to Lord Byron's She walks in Beauty is definitely a departure from the expected. A sudden loss of Kitty turns a weekend morning into a sexual romp and many other tidbits of enjoyment. The unique

Vampire Next Door by Angela Snyder

This is my review for Vampire Next Door by Angela Snyder This past weekend I read this freshman work by new author Angela Snyder. It's no secret, I really like vampire based stories.  I was looking forward to my first vampire book in months. The story comes with the promise of suspense and intrigue by the summary posted on the Amazon/Kindle site. But it starts out slow. I stubbornly plow through the book hoping it will gain momentum. 33 chapters in and I realize that the story is going to continue to drag. The characters, who have the potential to be superb, never really develop. The story lacks the richness that I was expecting. I found that there was no real connection to any of the characters.  The heroine was weak and needy, falling for almost every male in the story. This particular trait made her a little hard to like. Perhaps she was not supposed to be a heroine. If that was the case, well then, the author nailed it. You also figure out the plot really early on. Ther

My Book Space

Hi there fellow readers, book lovers, authors, writers, story tellers, those that enjoy a good read, a fascinating mind trip, a steamy romp or an adventure in a far away land. Books have always been my hiding place since my stepmother taught me to read at the ripe age of four. Stories helped me escape the harsh realities of the household I grew up in and opened my mind to possibilities. I learned, I dreamed, I desired, I laughed, I cried, I hoped. I read. I have always honored the book, being extra careful to almost never dog tag a book and use bookmarks. Ok... sometimes they are just napkins, but you get the point. You can barely tell the book had been read after I am finished with it. I am a cover art person. Sometimes just the image or lack there of,  on the cover promised a good reading experience. I was rarely wrong. With a cursory flip to the back or inside cover for confirmation and potential author crush, I made my way to the register, excitement brewing. The addictive &qu