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Recently on Twitter, I was pleased to connect with this new follower. We all love new followers  and connections and I love being able to connect with authors and writers. It is expanding my world of books, writings and musings. I was down with a migraine (once again) on Saturday morning and while being confined to bed, decided to check my messages.

I was invited to a simple Saturday morning delight. The site has poetry and stories of erotically written literary fiction and even some interestingly off the beaten track videos. It is a smart and kitschy approach to the base, down and dirty, sometimes uncouth writing that erotica can be. This lovely little gem is called KafkaRotica. They can be found on Twitter @KafkaRotica and Facebook.

Poetic musings, that compare booty popping to Lord Byron's She walks in Beauty is definitely a departure from the expected. A sudden loss of Kitty turns a weekend morning into a sexual romp and many other tidbits of enjoyment. The unique website is still growing and has room for submissions and a forth coming store and some other pages, but take a minute out of your busy day and see what's going on over there. You might just be pleasantly surprised.

Start your week of  with a little Camus-Sutra

Their website can be found here .  You're Welcome.

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I have Kindle, Google books, Amazon and (my favorite) Kobo apps. I will shop the apps for the lowest price on a book. I am not cheap, that is just being wise with my coins. Free books are always nice, but sometimes you get what you pay for. I do still buy books and then end up donating them because I do not reread stories.

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I intend to get certified in proofreading later this year, time permitting.

For the love of reading....So many books...only two eyes.

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