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Hi there fellow readers, book lovers, authors, writers, story tellers, those that enjoy a good read, a fascinating mind trip, a steamy romp or an adventure in a far away land. Books have always been my hiding place since my stepmother taught me to read at the ripe age of four. Stories helped me escape the harsh realities of the household I grew up in and opened my mind to possibilities. I learned, I dreamed, I desired, I laughed, I cried, I hoped. I read.

I have always honored the book, being extra careful to almost never dog tag a book and use bookmarks. Ok... sometimes they are just napkins, but you get the point. You can barely tell the book had been read after I am finished with it. I am a cover art person. Sometimes just the image or lack there of,  on the cover promised a good reading experience. I was rarely wrong. With a cursory flip to the back or inside cover for confirmation and potential author crush, I made my way to the register, excitement brewing. The addictive "book scent" permeating my nostrils.

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With the invention of e-readers and apps, the reading experience has changed a little. Remember when you could almost tell how good a book was by the creases in the spine and the fanning of the pages. Now there is no more sharing the book with friends and family and excitedly "not telling" the whole story. Now we turn to review sites for everything. I still buy an occasional paperback for the experience and truthfully for the rest it gives my eyes. I didn't get as many eye strains before digital media came along.

Books move me. No, that is not right. Stories move me. I can escape into a really well written story or article and find adventure for a little while in a great short story. I enjoy seeing the writer's vision, being drawn into the tale, imagining  the dew on the blades of grass, feeling the chill in the air, seeing the crack at the end of the sidewalk, the bloodstain on the banister, feeling the fear and trepidation of the hunted, the shift in the mind of the submissive, going into battle with a hero and feeling the soft breath of a lover's whisper on my neck. Ah.., the love of reading!

I have read many good books and many,... not so good books and I chalk them all up to experience. I am happy there are such creative people in the world who can weave such awesome tales, create amazing worlds, and diverse characters, along with complicated plots and story lines that make you never want to stop reading. Let us not forget the truth tellers. The ones who write about real life and experience and circumstance and we allow our minds to open to their view and sometimes, we are forever changed.

This is my little book space where I can share reviews and thoughts on books I have read. Or just talk about characters in books. Please feel free to suggest books, authors, genres and add your own reviews. Please, no intentional spoilers.

Be respectful of my book space and opinions. Please do not be petty about my opinions and interpretations or ramblings. I am not an English major nor a literary scholar. I am just a chick who likes to read books.

I like novels, shorts and poetry of most genres. I read some young adult books. I really like vampire, fantasy, mystery, romance, erotica, suspense and  paranormal romance but am open to other genres. I have read some crime novels that were very good and at times will read horror. I will occasionally read wolf, lycan, and werewolf, but lets face it, the majority is usually one preferred over the other. I am definitely Vampire. Team Edward. Some of my favorite authors in the genre- Christine Feehan and Stephanie Meyers. I also had read a lot of Dean Koontz and Stephen King. But I am liking the opportunity to read indie authors and new, up and coming writers.

I have Kindle, Google books, Amazon and (my favorite) Kobo apps. I will shop the apps for the lowest price on a book. I am not cheap, that is just being wise with my coins. Free books are always nice, but sometimes you get what you pay for. I do still buy books and then end up donating them because I do not reread stories.

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I intend to get certified in proofreading later this year, time permitting.

For the love of reading....So many books...only two eyes.

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Reading, Proofreading & Copy Editing Services

Reading, Proofreading & Copy Editing Services

Reading, Proofreading & Copy Editing Services

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In real life I am a wife, mom, wedding officiant, amateur photographer and  blogger. Here I am just a woman that likes to read. Don't judge me.
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