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Writer Spotlight: Creole Gaudet

Name :: Creole Gaudet Your Website or Blog :: In the Author's Words :: I must admit that I honestly don't know what category or genre to place my work, but my best description would be single-life/street-life erotica. This is how I describe it when asked. What I can say is that I am very descriptive. I try to place the reader within the story so that they can see, taste, smell and feel the environment. I am detailed by but not overbearing. I want you to hear the voices of the characters and see the expressions on their faces, but I try hard not to let that distract from the story. It is a balancing act, but I think that I get it across. Content Title  :: True Confessions of a Libertine (18+ content for mature audiences) So what's it about? :: True Confessions of a Libertine, is actually my memoir. It is eight vignettes from my life as a single bachelor. In it I detail the good and the bad from, close calls with the law, dangerous exes,

Dollar Tree Book Finds

The Accidental Sorcerer by K.E. Mills purchased at Dollar Tree I like to wander around to see what kind of neat things I can find for a dollar. Yep a dollar. So I often find myself in Family Dollar, Dollar Tree and Dollar General. I recently discovered that they have books for a dollar at Dollar Tree and not just paperbacks. Family Dollar and Dollar General can range from $1-$8. Be advised Family Dollar and General Dollar only get books sporadically, However Dollar Tree usually has a dedicated section to books. If you see something you like definitely snatch it up because it won't be there forever. Don't feel bad about being book savvy. Granted the books are not the hottest thing out right now, but it's a great way to find authors you have not read yet and try them out without spending a ton of money. I remember finding a pretty decent book haul about a little more than a year ago at a local Family Dollar and the sales rep stated they don't usually carry books b

Tuesday Weekly Release

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Book Trailers

Book trailers are evolving from single frame pictures with word overlays to full blown cinematic productions. Do any of these trailers make you want to go out and purchase the books right away or is it still primarily based on the book description? Do you check for a book trailer before you purchase a book? Soul Hunter by Michael Garnett Blindness by Ginger Scott Burned by Tara Sivec Bang by E K Blair One night Stand by JS Cooper Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher Reborn: Shadow Falls After Dark by CC Hunter