Writer Spotlight: Carol Sabel Blodgett

Name :: Carol Sabel Blodgett
Website or Blog :: @sabelblodgett

In the Author's Words :: My inspiration is life and getting through it, Being strong and not someone's doormat. I write from the gut and the heart and am very no nonsense. My genre is whatever direction my writing takes me. I didn't consider Wanderer a romance, but my readers do so I go with that and am honored. I write suspense, horror, fiction with a splash of
paranormal is the mood strikes. Romance, as afore mentioned, sex and love are powerful and must be scattered throughout an intense story. I strive for balance and a plot that leaves my readers breathless.

Content Title :: Wanderer

So what's it about? :: Seth Moncrief has lived his life, and several others. He's unable to die. He's been alone for better than 300 years, avoiding the world and everything in it, avoiding the evil that taunts him and destroys everything he loves. He has no idea that an actual person is behind his misery rather than circumstance. One day he's pulled to another human being in such a way that he simply can't ignore it. A woman, the first new thing in his life since the 1600s but his stalker won't be denied
her desires.

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Content Sample ::
My book is nonstop from start to finish. I hate lag in a book so I have none. I write from several perspectives in the book. I
always find myself wondering, when I read, what the other character(s) 
is/are thinking as things happen. I write part of my book for the point of 
view of Seth Moncrief, my protagonist, Erica Churchill, my heroine, and 
Angelica Messenger, my antagonist. I keep the story twisting and turning, keeping my reader from figuring things out before the last reveal. In short, I write what I want to read.,

from the book-Some would say that I stalk, I don't see it that way at all. While I do follow her, and watch her, I do it out of fascination and nothing sinister. She is captivating.

What's on the Horizon? :: I have several things coming up and I'm so humbled by that. I have my series to keep up with (four more books to release) and my agency president has signed me to write a series for him and his partner. They have the topic and a big vision to see it go from best selling book series to a big screen franchise. I can't believe I'm part of something so big.

Where can readers purchase your books or content? :: My book is exclusively on Amazon.


Your favorite author (s)? :: Stephen King

Any tips for aspiring writers? :: Use what you know from life, either yours
or your friends or family, neighbors, classmates, whoever. The more truth 
you can add in, the more your reader will be able to relate to what you're 
trying to convey. Use everything. Something that helped me personally was 
when I took some psychology classes. I know, it sounds boring and hard but, 
it helps you see that we're all crazy in our own way and if you can 
understand that, you can write really interesting characters and situations.

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