Not so Motivated Monday

I usually try to have a post daily for this blog. 

Some days, like I assume most writers experience, I can hash out a weeks worth of blogs in a day. (Pages to post reference) But, I think I have a bit of blogger block? Is that a thing? So forgive me upfront for the following dribble.

How did this happen?
Yesterday, after a very busy morning of author promotion and then a bridal consultation I dropped my vehicle off for some tender loving care. Still was finding glass bits in my car from the break in after multiple vacuums myself. So took it to some pros. 

I then treated myself to some wandering around at the local Barnes and Noble and tried to enjoy a Chai tea and blood orange mousse and read a book that another author had sent me when the hubby called and cut my 'me' time short suggesting we catch a movie. We went and saw the new Terminator movie which was good and thank you for the eye candy. Most movies forget that women are in the audience and like a little eye tease as well.

After the movies we had a late lunch/early dinner at Sonny's  where I had the most amazing hamburger I had eaten in a while. Sorry no pictures. That's when you know it's good. The cell phone gets put away and you truly are in the moment of deliciousness. Hamburger juices running down your fingers, and a pile of napkins on the table. The waiter was doing well and even, quite unexpectedly brought by a sample of banana pudding for us to try. Then kinda messed up his tip by forgetting  my fries. But he redeemed himself by bringing out fries so crisp and hot we could barely eat them. But eat them we did. My intention was to return to the bookstore to try to read more of a book I was sent, but with my tummy full and feeling content spending some much needed date time with the hubby....well, I went home. I watched a short and inspiring  mini doc about Arnold Schwarzenegger that my husband shared with me and then BattleBots and I was asleep on my office chaise before I knew what happened. 

I woke up in the middle of the night and found out that I didn't get chosen for an upcoming editing job... but its freelance... so that happens. Kinda disappointing but oh well. Maybe next time.
I woke up this morning with the old noodle a bit blank. It's a non migraine day, Yay! No Migraine Monday here...(doing a happy dance)  so I don't want to waste the day doing nothing. But honestly, I just kinda feel like relaxing. It's a lazy Monday kind of day. Maybe I will go out and find something to photograph... I don't know. 

somewhere in Satellite Beach a few weeks ago
I posted a few book cover pics on my IG page @weddingsbooksnwine that I thought might be interesting. Let me know if you have read any of them. Post your comments on IG. Would be happy to connect if you have an instagram account.

Wish I was at the beach....
photo courtesy of KL Photography

I am just having a Not so Motivated Monday

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