Writer Spotlight: L Sydney Fisher

Name :: L. Sydney Fisher
Your Website :: http://www.LSydneyFisher.com

In the Author's Words :: Thriller/Suspense.  I am a history geek and a wanna-be Indiana Jones.  Lots of things inspire me.  But I do love mystery.  Anything that causes you to ask why or how.  I also love movies, so I tend to write or develop stories that I think I would enjoy seeing on the big screen.  If I wouldn't want to see it at the movies someday, I just won't write it.

Your favorite author (s)? :: I love all of them.  We share this mad passion called writing.  And readers also.  They have my heart.  I am a book hoarder.

Any tips for aspiring writers? :: You must be persistent in your efforts and treat your writing like a job.  Show up each day.  Have a plan.  Stay organized and focused.

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Title :: The Haunted Prophecy of Natalie Bradford

What's it about? :: 
Natalie Bradford finds herself caught up in a series of coincidences and haunted by the ghost of Liz Bradford after marrying Liz's killer and ex-husband, Devon Bradford.  She is forced to confront paranormal experiences and deadly confrontations in order to escape Lindenwood, Devon's stately mansion.  Inspired by TRUE EVENTS.

Sample :: 
Inspired by a true story, The Haunted Prophecy of Natalie Bradford is the incredible tale of how Natalie Bradford finds herself entangled in a series of prophetic coincidences that foretells her future and reveals her lover's guilt.  Denial can be deadly.  Are you next?,

From the Foreword...
I began my research twenty-five years after Liz Bradford's death. Unknown to me, there was a hidden story within a story. The synchronistic findings were incredulous, and I found myself bewildered as I uncovered a prophecy that seemed to be predestined for Natalie Houston. Was she simply in the wrong place at the wrong time? Or, was she being used as an instrument to reveal a prophetic message?

My research carried me to the graveyard where Liz Bradford has been buried. I looked all around, not knowing which way to go. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the area while listening for my sixth sense to guide me. I opened my eyes and walked directly to the site wher Liz Bradford lay! A new tombstone was laid on Ms. Bradford's grave. It was larger than the old one one I remembered, and it had an inscription.
 © L Sydney Fisher

What's on the Horizon? :: The Phoenix Series due Fall, 2015

Where can readers purchase your books or content? :: Amazon.com

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