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One of my favorite apps to use is Kobo. While Amazon is definitely a great resource. Sometimes the prices are better on Kobo and they have really neat social interactions, badges and such to make the whole reading experience fun. The books that they recommend based on your reading habits and purchases are pretty spot on. It also  tells you how much time left it will take you to finish your book. Your digital downloads go right to your desktop or mobile device and update quickly from where you last read. Free books don't require a separate membership.

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Spend time reading to your child or a loved one, besides love, teaching someone to read is one of the most precious gifts you can give them. They will remember the stories, learn to love words and have a better concept of words and language.  Kobo has over a million choices to help you do this. 20 minutes of reading a day can change a childs life! it's exercise for the brain. Visit the writer spotlight page to see how the joy of  reading translates into a fulfilling and lucrative career. 

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You can also get a lot of exclusives on Kobo that you might not find on other sites
Check it out and add the app to your book arsenal.

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