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Writer Spotlight: Glen Kemp

I'd like to share with you some writings from a friend of mine. He was actually one of my wedding clients and through our meetings I came to discover that he was a writer. In fact, his very first communication to me included a writing sample he had done some time ago. His first shared writing with me is the last one in the post. One of the best benefits to being a wedding officiant is the opportunity to meet and connect with new and exciting individuals. Not only do they share with me their love story but they often open the windows to whom they are as human beings as well. He wrote a beautiful and moving piece for his wedding day. It was read by a dear friend and colleague during the ceremony. With his permission he has allowed me to share his copyrighted work with you on my site. Hope you enjoy  his writing.  Please contact the author through his Facebook page for permission before using any of his work.  In the Authors Words... I wanted to share this with my family, f

Book Review:The Day The Walls Cried

This is my book Review for the novel The Day the Walls Cried by Snook warning: this review may contain spoilers Let me start by saying I do not usually read a lot of urban fiction, but I am so glad I read this book. This is a story that seemed so real, so tangible. There is a unique authenticity of the writer's words. Our young hero comes into existence as a father absent male of a young and beautiful mother that is disabled. She is as fierce as she is beautiful and refuses to let her disability get in the way of raising her son. She loves her son King and he knows it and thrives under her love and devotion. They are plagued by one tragic loss after another. They lose the family matriarch early on and are plunged into a merciless urban jungle where everyday alive is a gift. Young King has to grow up fast and hard, fighting regularly for his honor and the sake of his mother who is disabled.  When she is violently taken from him, his life comes crushing down on him and once a