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Just because I write ...

Just because an author is labeled as a Christian writer does not mean that they are boring or shoving their religion down your throat. It's the first Sunday of my relaunched blog so let's look at Christian writers. Is a person a bad person because they write about sex, is a person good because they write about religion? That would be a resounding NO. An author's life is not dictated by the content they pen.  There are some really good Christian writers out there. They stay true to their faith and religious beliefs while telling a fantastic, clean, story. Books you can happily share with anyone in the light or at the dinner table. I like to look for tell tale signs of a supreme deity, or miracles or things we would associate with worship and church weaved into the story. Sometimes the story is so good, married distinctly with biblical references that you just don't care. When it all comes down to it a great story is a great story. Stories like the Lion, The Witch

Where do stories come from

Where do stories come from? Do you think there is a writer in all of us? We all certainly have stories. We flood social media with a fair share of mindless dribble, ramblings and incessant one sided chit chat. Especially if it is juicy. Unfortunately the real stuff seems to get lost in the clutter. We have truths unspoken and unseen and spoken and seen. The details that make up who we are, the secrets that define us. Our every day lives are being chronicled in our subconscious. Is it a story we want to tell? Is it even interesting? Is it taboo? Are our actions inspiring? We see stories, dramas and sagas unfolding around us every minute of the day. Playing out like the muted tv on the ceiling of a pub. Noisy chatter, filling the dead silence that is sometimes our existence. We capture snippets of failure for vines on our cellphones, but the stories of real life victimization, survival, disloyalty and yes, even success are told much too late. Somewhere along the life path

Writer Spotlight:DP Denman

Author -DP Denman Website - This author is passionate about telling stories that are often not seen or heard, real life experiences of demoralization, courage and survival. 25% of the proceeds earned on the sale of her books go toward the efforts of groups working to create happier endings. The pen truly is mightier than the sword. Stop by her site to help it could be someone you know and get a great book. In the Author's words -  Kids are my inspiration! 15 years ago I started working with homeless teens in the Seattle area and heard their heartbreaking stories over plates of lasagna and sloppy Joes. Some ran away. Some were kicked out. Some came home from school to find mom and dad gone. No one was looking for any of them. I decided someone needed to tell their stories and if I ever got into publishing it would be me. Ta-dah! Few of them ever found happy endings and that's just as tragic as them ending up on the street in the first p

Trending Books

Trending Books Now! Much in the likeness of Dave's top 10  I'm channeling my Letterman here Here are some wildly popular books right now based on sales across the web and local bookstores in no particular order. Disclaimer...I am sure this is a rapidly changing list and may be changing as I post it... Shut up and go buy a book!  Here are your #fridayreads Let me know on Twitter if you have read any of these and post a link to your review @she_reads1 Killing Reagan by Bill O'Reilly, Martin Dugard Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee Secondhand Souls by Christopher Moore Radiant Angel (John Corey Series #7) by Nelson DeMille Oh, the Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss Nemesis (Signed Book) (FBI Series #19) by Catherine Coulter The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins Finders Keepers by Stephen King All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr The Wright Brothers by David McCullough 14th Deadly Sin by James Patterson

Visual Writing Prompt

Visual Writing Challenge While making twitter connections I can across @WillowRaven . She offered me this visual writing prompt. I looked at it and remembered one day while I was in the shower after a hard day working for  Xbox and talking with gamers, I had the words of what could be a song rolling around in the old noodle so I wrote it down on a little notebook. Not really thinking I would ever use it. The original work is a bit dark because it was kind of in the mindset of a rpg game, but I have lightened it up a bit changed a few words and think the part I am sharing below might  work out for this challenge. I guess I will go with a bit of a futuristic, sci fi theme..... what do you think? Visual writing challenge by WillowRaven Illustration & Design This is my muse. Gorgeous design, Right?  Here goes nothing. Remember, I am a reader, not a writer. The sun breaks in the distance  The first rays of hope The journey's been far You're at the end of yo

I'm a Reader not a Writer

Recently while pouring through comment sections on various online sites, I noticed something . One undeniable fact is how cruel and petty people are behind their electronic devices and two, the internet is filled with people and their unprofessional opinions. I don't say this in a critical way. I am just stating some common known facts. Before the web, these same issues still existed but were limited to the tiny communities they inhabited. Now anyone anywhere at anytime can spout their rhetoric with exponential audiences. There are more customers than owners, more non professionals than professionals and definitely more novices than experts. These are the people everyone in their respective fields look to for reviews, opinions and input. Sometimes the rude chatter is just as valuable as the positive. Do the Kardashians come to mind? So I was a little surprised when I saw a response to a comment about an author on a book site I frequent that mentioned that the person leavi