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Just because an author is labeled as a Christian writer does not mean that they are boring or shoving their religion down your throat. It's the first Sunday of my relaunched blog so let's look at Christian writers.

Is a person a bad person because they write about sex, is a person good because they write about religion? That would be a resounding NO. An author's life is not dictated by the content they pen.  There are some really good Christian writers out there. They stay true to their faith and religious beliefs while telling a fantastic, clean, story. Books you can happily share with anyone in the light or at the dinner table.

I like to look for tell tale signs of a supreme deity, or miracles or things we would associate with worship and church weaved into the story. Sometimes the story is so good, married distinctly with biblical references that you just don't care. When it all comes down to it a great story is a great story.
Stories like the Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe or the Lord of the Rings are great examples of Christian stories. Oracles of Fire, Guardians of Legends, and many others are wonderful sagas written by Christian Authors.

There is a whole genre of Christian writers dedicated to historical or  regency romance stories like Camy Tang +Camy Tang @camytang or Francine Rivers @FrancineRivers

Check out contemporary Christian Authors authors  Becky Wade @beckywadewriter  DaniPettrey +Dani Pettrey  @DaniPettrey  or SusanMayWarren @SusanMayWarren

Happy Sunday! See my review for the Word Changers here

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