Where do stories come from

Where do stories come from?
Do you think there is a writer in all of us? We all certainly have stories.

We flood social media with a fair share of mindless dribble, ramblings and incessant one sided chit chat. Especially if it is juicy. Unfortunately the real stuff seems to get lost in the clutter.

We have truths unspoken and unseen and spoken and seen. The details that make up who we are, the secrets that define us. Our every day lives are being chronicled in our subconscious. Is it a story we want to tell? Is it even interesting? Is it taboo? Are our actions inspiring?

We see stories, dramas and sagas unfolding around us every minute of the day. Playing out like the muted tv on the ceiling of a pub. Noisy chatter, filling the dead silence that is sometimes our existence. We capture snippets of failure for vines on our cellphones, but the stories of real life victimization, survival, disloyalty and yes, even success are told much too late.

Somewhere along the life path a person becomes fed up and decides to tell his or her version of the truth. Sometimes an aching physical desire dictates the flow and ebb of an authors pen, making us feel and sigh along with them.

Where do the fantasies come from? Stories about distant planets, superheroes, powerful villains and antagonists. Galaxies far away. Powers and devices unseen and unheard of. Science Fiction and Fantasy writing is amazing in that way.

How do the lovely tales like Alice in Wonderland get hatched. What extra special chromosome is awarded to a writer to see in perfect detail the setting they lay out for us as readers. Is it a gift handed down generations through heredity. Is is borne out of someone who can tell a fantastic lie?

Is the story born out of real life, tragic, brutal and raw? Do they come from dreams we have had, hopes and aspirations for how things should be but are not? The media now searches for inspiration online. Whole tv shows about trends on the internet.

As a reader, I enjoy a good story no matter the genre. I just hope that the well that stories come from never runs dry.

Where do your stories come from?


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