I'm a Reader not a Writer

Recently while pouring through comment sections on various online sites, I noticed something.

One undeniable fact is how cruel and petty people are behind their electronic devices and two, the internet is filled with people and their unprofessional opinions.

I don't say this in a critical way. I am just stating some common known facts. Before the web, these same issues still existed but were limited to the tiny communities they inhabited. Now anyone anywhere at anytime can spout their rhetoric with exponential audiences.

There are more customers than owners, more non professionals than professionals and definitely more novices than experts. These are the people everyone in their respective fields look to for reviews, opinions and input. Sometimes the rude chatter is just as valuable as the positive. Do the Kardashians come to mind?

So I was a little surprised when I saw a response to a comment about an author on a book site I frequent that mentioned that the person leaving the comment was not a writer and how did they know if something was good or not? I sympathized with the writer as well because they probably poured their heart and soul into that endeavor and it was not received well. But to get mad for the opinion you asked for???....

Just between you and me, I will sometimes not review something at all if it is really bad. Or I try to pretty it up a little. I find myself complaining out loud to my husband.  But am I then guilty of flaming delusion? No one likes a bad review. No one likes to be told the thing they lost sleep over, was so hell-bent on doing was,... well.... crap! On the other hand there are people out there who are so intent on being mean, or trying to destroy you and knock the wind out of your sails, sometimes just because that is all they are good for, because well, they can't stand to see anyone happy or succeed or get one more 5 star review. I think they are called trolls? Correct me if I am wrong.

I am a reader, not a writer, I am an eater, not a chef, I am a music lover, not a singer, I am a consumer with a cellphone, computer, tablet and free blog space ready, willing and able to put my unsolicited two cents out there for the world to see just like everyone else.  I don't pretend to be a scholar about anything that I am not, but be forewarned, my dollar will sometimes come with my honest opinion.(Especially if it gets me something free)

Now just to be clear, this blog was not about me, but a real review and response on another site about a book I have not yet read. I like reading reviews and comments personally. I start with the good ones and then check out the bad ones and weigh my options. Remember when all we had to go one was our own experience, intuition and the person selling us something?  I digress. There is always someone about 3-4 comments down who takes it to a whole other level just because they like discourse. Perhaps they have no one to talk to at home.

But there is good in this foolishness, because you also get to see your target audience fight for you. The ones you are writing for anyways.

By SL Thomson Wife, Blogger, Book Lover
In real life I am a wife, mom, wedding officiant, amateur photographer and  blogger.
Here I am just a woman that likes to read. Don't judge me.

For the love of reading....So many books...only two eyes.

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Reading, Proofreading & Copy Editing Services

Reading, Proofreading & Copy Editing Services

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