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Writer Spotlight: Eliza David

Author:: Eliza David
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In the Author's Words :: 
What inspires my writing is womanhood.  I write romance and my main characters are women in the midst of a life transition.  My characters have survived divorce, breakups, domestic abuse,  and loss.  Yet they persevere and come out stronger than they were when the story began.

Title :: BrewGirl

So what's it about? :: 
Zoe’s 35 & works for a brewery as a marketing exec. She's a feminist who enjoys spending time with her BFF Ben. Then she meets Nick, a sales ingΓ©nue she’s forced to work with on a product launch. When she suspects that Nick's still carrying on with his playboy ways, Zoe uncovers a heart-wrenching secret that threatens to tear both her relationship and her family apart.
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Content Sample :: After working on the campaign draft for hours, Zoe  decided to sneak off to Guapo’s at three.  Ben was off but she needed to  wash the taste of BrewGirl IP…

Two Newly Released BWWM reads

If you are one of the lucky millions to have today off for Memorial day you may find yourself at the beach or local park. How about a little something to take along with you?!
If you are a fan of multicultural romances or black women, white male (BWWM) romances, here are two new releases to check out.

Tending the Billionaire

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James Avery is one of those high-handed billionaires who think money can buy them anything. A few handsome donations and suddenly I’m his personal nurse, living in his mansion while he recovers from his cardiac event.

After weeks of tending him, I know there’s a better side hiding under his controlling ways, even if he hides it most of the time. And if I’m honest, the heat between us makes me want to forget everything else.

But there are things he’s not telling me -- and now I’m getting creepy photos in the mail. I don’t know if I can live like this.

It’s true: I’ve got a type, and Aisha fits it perfectly. But it’s not just her beauty th…

Book Blitz: Mirror Image

Mirror Image
Michele Pariza Wacek
Publication date: May 27th 2016
Genres: Adult, Psychological Thriller, Suspense
Which would be worse, knowing that your dead sister has come back to life and is now a serial killer or that someone else is the killer….and that person is you?
Six months after Linda’s sister Elizabeth killed herself, Linda has finally gotten her life back to some semblance of normalcy. Until a killer appears who is stalking men … a killer who resembles Elizabeth … a killer who seems somehow familiar to Linda.
And, to make matters worse, Steve, her old high school crush and now a detective, is assigned to this case. He’s asking Linda all sorts of questions, questions Linda couldn’t possibly have an answer to.
There’s no reason for him to be investigating Linda. She couldn’t possibly have anything to do with this.
Could she?Goodreads / AmazonEXCERPT: hen Elizabeth was born, her mother knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the hospital had made a mistake. It had been a diffi…

Cover Reveal: Swag

Cambria Hebert
(GearShark, #3)
Publication date: June 10th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Sports Romance
These drivers got #swag…
Racing is in her DNA.

Right alongside money and power.

When you’re the daughter of one of the most powerful men in the country,

you have to work harder for success.

Joey Gamble’s a girl on a male-dominated track.

With a daddy who can buy whatever she wants.

But she doesn’t want anything… except to EARN her reputation.
Racing is his passion.

Trouble follows him everywhere. Some even say he invites it.

When you’re nipping at the taillights of the best driver in the new NRR,

you have to fight and claw for each and every success.

It’s never been easy for Lorhaven.

That’s why he doesn’t play by the rules.

He’s a man with a serious chip on his shoulder against the pro racing circuit.

We at GearShark want to know what’s up with that.
We’ve also been hearing rumblings…

of a pro who wants to go indie.
We’ve invited racing royalty and the driver from the wrong side o…

Book Blitz: Play Your Heart Out

Play Your Heart Out
Crystal Kaswell
(Sinful Serenade #4)
Publication date: May 24th 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance
He parties like a rockstar.

She’s there to make sure no one finds out…
Jess James has her eye on the prize. She is finding the money to pay for law school. Period. She is starting a new life on her own. Period. And she’s absolutely staying in Los Angeles, three thousand miles away from the people who expect her to lie for them. It doesn’t matter how lonely she gets on her own, how exhausted she is from working overtime as a cocktail waitress, or how deep the knife wound in her back cuts. She is going to be a lawyer, whatever it takes.
Only she doesn’t have what it takes. She can barely afford to pay her rent.
Sinful Serenade bassist Pete Steele has enough to pay Jess’s rent and buy her a small island in the Caribbean. The famous, talented rock star has everything… except the one thing his manager wants. Pete rose to fame as a devoted boyfriend. Doesn’t matter that his ex sl…

Newly Released: Eternal Heat

Eternal Heat 
J.L. White (Firework Girls, #3) Publication date: May 16th 2016 Genres: New Adult, Romance
Play with me.
They call us the Firework Girls.
I’m Ashley. My music is like a lover, surrounding me. Filling me. Transporting me with its power.
Much like he did … before he broke my heart.
Now he’s back, wanting another duet. Can I play the same old song? Do I even want to?

Goodreads / Amazon Previous books in the series:

EXCERPT: It’s a little like being in the Twilight Zone. Erik doesn’t belong here at Hartman, with my friend saying his name like it’s the most normal thing in the world. Erik belongs in a grand house by the river in a whole different world. But there he is, climbing the steps to the stage. Just like that.
My skin crawls and my heart pounds in this sickening way. I sink lower in my chair, but my eyes follow his every move. He looks the same, but different. He’s just as handsome as ever, maybe even more so if that’s possible, but he’s broader in the chest and his hair…

Newly Released: Hot and Nerdy 2

Hot & Nerdy 2
Shannyn Schroeder
Published by: Lyrical Press
Publication date: May 24th 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary
Adam, Hunter, and Free have a lot in common, like geeky passions and not exactly great track records when it comes to dating. But a New Year’s Eve bash will bring everything they’ve ever wanted–and so much more . . .
His Work Of Art
Adam Hayes has never met a girl like Reese. She’s sassy, smart, and loves talking comics, although he can’t see why she’d choose DC over Marvel. He’s thrilled to finally put his artistic chops to use in their upcoming comic project. But when the two combine forces, they churn out magic in more ways than they had planned . . .
His New Jam
There’s something unusual about the sarcastic percussionist Hunter Reed hired for his band. For one thing, she’s impervious to his advances. But when Hunter sees how passionate Sydney is behind the drums, he orchestrates a plan to find out if she kisses like she plays. What he doesn’t anticipate is falli…

Writer Spotlight: Bambi St. James

Author :: Bambi St. James Book Title :: A Friendly Betrayal

Bambi St. James lives in St. louis were she has worked at a large area hospital for more than seventeen years. She received her Bachelor's in Business Administration in 2008. Recently Bambi has decided to make a bold career move wanting to get up and do something each day that she loves, emerging that will bring her joy as well as contentment.

When Bambi isn't reading, writing or daydreaming she enjoys yoga (usually in the park), trying new restaurants with her friends and of course shopping. Bambi enjoys a single girls lifestyle and would like for you to join her on her journey through erotic, suspenseful drama.

In the Author's Words :: 
Drama filled stories with suspense and sex. A great build up with an ending leaving the reader in awe. As a single woman I will generally write about the greats as well as the woes of looking for  love. The acts of balancing or searching for the perfect career and man.

So w…