Weekend Recap

I know you have had an extra busy week and now it's finally Sunday and you have one more day of running errands making your menu for the week, picking out your work clothes, laundry, getting the kids ready for summer, graduation and making the mister or missus  happy along with boosting yourself up to go into the the same thankless job for another 5 days. 

Well, if you can find a few hours to just breathe you'll want to relax with one of these smoking hot books from the past week on Who She Reads. Go ahead and pour yourself some coffee or tea and settle into your favorite chair and just breathe.  Scroll through the blog and don't worry... I am going to have even more amazing books and authors this week for you. 

Happy Sunday!

Gagged by author Aubrey Parker   goo.gl/42gI4C

The Company by authors Tiana Laveen, Olivia Gaines, Xyla Turner   goo.gl/nyhbkb

Defending Hayden by author L.P. Dover   goo.gl/QWTb2H

Leaving me Behind by author Sigal Ehrlich   goo.gl/A4L1QK

Working Stiff by author Blair Babylon  http://goo.gl/p5HdPH

Panty Whisperer: The Complete Series by author Sloane Howell  goo.gl/RoY7Wd

The Lunam Ceremony by author Nicole Loufas  goo.gl/cdtWZ5

Blue Dream and Purple Haze by author Xavier Neal  http://goo.gl/1RJfWK


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