Happy Mother's Day 2016

Today is set aside to celebrate all of the mothers. moms, nanas, titis, step moms, wives, baby mamas and adoptive moms. Women all over the planet are going to be barraged with flowers, inedible breakfasts and macaroni art made by three year olds

and last minute flowers and expensive displays of gratitude and affection by their partners

that don't even come close to the value and impact that moms have on this universe. Here's to moms that fight for their sons to be a butterfly in the school play and their daughters to play kiddie football. Who after bringing home the bacon, fry it up and serve it up in Martha Stewart style before helping with homework. For those moms who make a million little sacrifices that their children will never know about or understand.  The lost sleep, the tears, the daily prayers and sacrifices, the worrying and the ability to still look like they 'woke up like this' in the meantime.

Mother's are responsible for the greatest of us and the least of us. The rich, the powerful, the poor and meek are all here through the unselfish sacrifice of mind, body, heart and soul of women who for the most part chose to be your mother. Make sure you celebrate them in the most spectacular way you can think of.

To moms! you rock! You are the absolute heavy weight undisputed champion of children. Enjoy your day.

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