Writer Spotlight: Bambi St. James

Author :: Bambi St. James
Book Title :: A Friendly Betrayal

Bambi St. James lives in St. louis were she has worked at a large area hospital for more than seventeen years. She received her Bachelor's in Business Administration in 2008. Recently Bambi has decided to make a bold career move wanting to get up and do something each day that she loves, emerging that will bring her joy as well as contentment.

When Bambi isn't reading, writing or daydreaming she enjoys yoga (usually in the park), trying new restaurants with her friends and of course shopping. Bambi enjoys a single girls lifestyle and would like for you to join her on her journey through erotic, suspenseful drama.

In the Author's Words :: 
Drama filled stories with suspense and sex. A great build up with an ending leaving the reader in awe. As a single woman I will generally write about the greats as well as the woes of looking for 
love. The acts of balancing or searching for the perfect career and man.

So what's it about? :: 
Jasmine doesn't have many things up her sleeves but watches as her friends secrets are exposed. Kennedy not sharing with anyone the details on her married lover. Chrissette's boyfriend has done things to her her friends hate him for, he's even done things her friends don't know they should hate him for. Some secrets wouldn't ruin real friends, but Penelope has bigger secrets. Secrets that would make someone mad enough to kill. Nothing about Penelope is as it seems including the death of her 
Inside the book::
The next day we don't talk about the abuse. We just show each other we are both sorry for our actions. Never asked who the extra person was he used to get my car here, never asked about our "new edition." Monthly we send money, but he never sees the child. Didn't want anything to ruin our 
recovery is what he said. So each Month I drop a check in the mail and everyone is happy.,

What's on the Horizon? :: 
All Their Husband's a story about single girl May who can't find love so decides to dates all of the husbands of other women. Men who want to spend money on her and treat her like a queen. Men who may get her killed is now being published release date coming soon. Writing a sequel to A Friendly Betrayal at the moment.

Where can readers purchase your books or content?::

Your favorite author (s)? :: 
Eric Jerome Dickey and Mary B Morrison(Honey B)

Any tips for aspiring writers? :: 
Patience. Not with the writing process because that's easy that's what you love.  The recognition is where you will need patience. But give every aspect your all!

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