Writer Spotlight: Kathleen Lopez

Author Kathleen Lopez
Website or Blog :: www.imkathleenlopez.com

In the Author's Words :: 
I have always loved a good puzzle to solve, peering behind the curtain to find the hidden truth kind of thing.  My reading was always slanted towards Stephen King so that has had a big influence in my writing.  I love reading and writing stories that take the reader into a world they normally would not find themselves in typically.

Title :: Between the Shades of Light and Dark

So what's it about? :
After witnessing the demise of her parent's marriage, Samantha's shipped off to remote Columbus Cove. She finds salvation from debilitating isolation in the Cove's latest resident, Channing. As if off the cover of a romance novel and into the sleepy little town, he's charming, handsome, and Samantha's sole focus. But a shocking murder claims more than one victim. Blindsided and embroiled in an investigation as secrets that lay buried beneath the unpaved roads come to light.

What's inside? :: 
Sam lifted her head.  She searched his face for a 
moment.  She could see his sincerity, his concern.  She relented again.  
Channing's plea got through.  Sam shook her head and silently agreed with 
him.  She bowed her head, eyes closed.  Channing lifted her face to him and 
wiped her tears.  Pausing for a moment, he looked at her.  Then he moved in 
and kissed her.  Soft and sweet.  A first date kind of kiss.  He felt she 
was still tense.
"Hey.  What is it?  Something you're telling me?" he asked as he pulled 
Sam bit her lower lip.  What Channing didn't know was she caught wind of 
the details of the press conference from the passersby, she heard the 
description of the murder weapon.  It was her knife.  She knew it, and she 
knew he did too.
"It's just that I heard... I mean the sheriff..." she looked directly at 
Channing.   "The knife," she whispered.  "It was my knife."  She had a look 
of panic on her face.  Channing felt tense now too.
"OK.  Let's head back to my house.  Let's not talk about this here.  We'll 
talk at the house."  Channing didn't want to discuss this in the open, 
especially the admission of her owning the murder weapon.  Channing swiftly 
dug in his pocket and handed over his keys.  He felt he had to get her away 
from town so they could talk.  Too many people were still milling around.  
He was terrified too of what she was going to say next.,

What's on the Horizon? :: I am currently writing my third book, Sweet Child of Mine.  It strays slightly from my murder-mystery and thriller genre into the paranormal.  I am in the early stages of the book, but hope to have it out by year's end.

Where can readers purchase your books or content? :: www.imkathleenlopez.com

Your favorite author (s)? :: Stephen King

Any tips for aspiring writers? :: Read.  The more you read, the better you 
write.  The more you expand your imagination and vocabulary, the better you 
can relate your ideas to others.  Reading introduces you to how others 
before you get their stories out to others, how they express themselves.  
Through reading you can discover how you want others to feel when they read 
your works.

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I got to meet author Kathleen Lopez at the Jazz event in Avalon Park and bought two signed copies of her books.

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