Book Review:The Day The Walls Cried

This is my book Review for the novel The Day the Walls Cried by Snook
warning: this review may contain spoilers

Let me start by saying I do not usually read a lot of urban fiction, but I am so glad I read this book.
This is a story that seemed so real, so tangible. There is a unique authenticity of the writer's words. Our young hero comes into existence as a father absent male of a young and beautiful mother that is disabled. She is as fierce as she is beautiful and refuses to let her disability get in the way of raising her son. She loves her son King and he knows it and thrives under her love and devotion.

They are plagued by one tragic loss after another. They lose the family matriarch early on and are plunged into a merciless urban jungle where everyday alive is a gift. Young King has to grow up fast and hard, fighting regularly for his honor and the sake of his mother who is disabled.  When she is violently taken from him, his life comes crushing down on him and once again he is uprooted and he is changed. Barely a teenager, bent on finding and destroying the person who took his mother from him, King muddles through his life and is thankfully taken in by his aunt, whose love and discipline keep him narrowly in check. His foster sister Starr is another handful all together. They bond over her story and go on to live different lives. King grows up and does well in school and eventually finds love and his life starts to takes a better turn. Love heals all things...almost.

This story is multi-layered and full of drama. It takes you deep into the mind and lives of the characters and holds you there breathlessly waiting for the outcome. As the plot is revealed you are rooting for the characters and hoping out loud that they make the right choices. You will find yourself at points holding your breath, your heart breaking with and for them. This story reminds us of how important each choice we make in life really is.

Snook has managed to capture the emotions, the environment, the lives of these characters and draw you into their world in The Day The Walls Cried. They each have there own voice, personality and their own story. You will find yourself smacking your lips as they sit down to dinner and your heart breaking as one more tragic event unfolds. I can't say that this is a happily ever after ending but second chances are in order. If you enjoy urban mystery suspense fiction, this is a must read.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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The Day the Walls Cried

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