Writer Spotlight: Jody Bailey Day

Name :: Jody Bailey Day
Your Website or Blog :: www.jodysdevotionaljournal.blogspot.com

In the Author's Words :: I write inspirational fiction that looks at life through love colored glasses, the  love of Christ.

Content Title :: Washout Express

So what's it about? :: Bailey Brown has just lost her job, her birthright, and her fiancΓ©. Loaded with enough insecurities to fill a suitcase, she prays for God to show her the way and then hits the road feeling like the ultimate loser.

With permission I have been allowed to share her copyrighted work with you on my site. Please contact the author through her website before using any of the work seen here.

Content Sample :: He sent the new girl in to fire me. Phoebe Waverly vamped in on those stilts she calls stilettos with a cardboard box in hand.

"Mr. Graham asked me to inform you that you are terminated, immediately." 
Her attempt at a professional voice only made her sound more Southern, one word leaning on another like dominoes toppling toward a period. "This box is for your things, Miss Brown,. I'll take that office key, if you please."

The heat rose on my face. I decided not to acknowledge her.

I picked up my purse and headed for Darryl's office. Miss blonde, fancy-shmancy, high-heeled, manicured, former Miss Texas had tried to steal my job. Looks like she succeeded.

My hand shook as I reached for the knob. I stopped, squared my shoulders, straightened my navy business suit, took a deep breath, and pushed open Darryl Graham's office door.

He wasn't  there. Coward.,
© Jody Bailey Day

What's on the Horizon? :: Sequel to Washout Express in the works, quarterly 
edition of The Best of Critique Cafe contributor, and contributor to 
Faithwriters.com compilations. Regular contributer to 

Where can readers purchase your books or content? :: 

Your favorite author (s)? :: Jan Karon

Any tips for aspiring writers? :: My best tip is to just write. Hone your 
craft and create a good story. The rest will fall in line.

Jody Day has content on these sites: Amazon/Kindle, Barnes and 
Noble, Kobo

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