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Lloyd Baron
Name: Lloyd Baron
Website : www.lloydandrewbaron.com

In the Author's Words: I mostly write in the fantasy genre but also have a passion for horror and thrillers. As a child I spent much of my time alone, coming from a very sporty family and being the only one who loathed sport, I turned to creative pursuits. I would make stories up for my friends and that's how it began. I get inspired by the world around me and the people that I met.

Have any favorite author (s)? : Robert Jordan, Christopher Fowler and Brandon Sanderson

Title :: Wings of Light: Prophecy of Ages Book 1

So what's it about?: Darwin't Utsa is a simple man.The biggest worry he
has is his approaching wedding day to his childhood love. That is until
darkness swarms the lands. Darwin't finds himself in the center of the
ancient Prophecy meant to bring about either the end of all life or the end
of all darkness.Only Darwin't stands in its way.

With permission I have been allowed to share his copyrighted work with you on my site. Please contact the author through his website before using any of the work seen here.  

Let's see what's inside this story:
The memories flood through him with a wave of nausea.  
How has he forgotten what had happened that day long ago? Blocked out by the horror of the event or the grief of losing his beloved aunt, removed from his memory like a torn page from a book.  The nightmare stands now revealed and the horror grasps hold of his senses; his mind clouds over, breathing becomes shallow, vision drifts black and his eyelids flutter.  He raises a hand to steady himself against the cavern wall, his legs buckling under the knowledge.  He stumbles over a stone and the stagger breaks the hold the terror has on him, shocking him into action.  He grasps Danlynn's shoulder and pulls his friend to a halt.  "We have to go," he stammers breathlessly.
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"No more delays. You said yourself that we don't have much time left to--
"There's something down here," Darwin't screams, hysterical now, fear forcing him to become firm.  "I saw it when I was a kid. Or heard it. I cannot remember what." He looks into the dark shadow of Danlynn's face, imagining a hidden smirk plastered onto his features. "But there is something at the lake."
"We are at the lake," Danlynn says hesitantly. "Are you feeling unwell?" "I feel frightened. I want to--"
The lakes center erupts, sending icy water high into the air.  The surface, once smooth like a mirror, now bubbles like a cauldron of broth.  Danlynn holds the candle out in front of him, its weak glow illuminating only the edge of the lake.  Something moves.  Both stare at the shape as it emerges from the furious pool.
A pale naked form drags itself out of the water, clawing at the rocks and dirt with broken fingernails; its movements jerky and unnatural; bones creaking; joints bending too far or the wrong way; a spine slivering like a foul snake.  Long black hair hangs over its face like a veil, exposing little of the features, except for one white cracked eye.  It stops at the edge of the light, staring at them hatefully, rasping breaths shaking its shoulders.  Then slowly one of its legs lifts into the air, the knee snapping backwards, spine curving up as the second leg snaps into place like a monstrous scorpion tail.  The bony feet touch down on the ground beside the twisted neck and the body begins to withdraw between them, its spine snapping back into place as the ghastly thing stands up.  Black hair falls over the eye, and like cold water waking a deep sleeper both boys come back to their senses. The candle drops to the floor and is extinguished, plunging them into darkness.  Danlynn screams something and runs back into the tunnel behind them.  Darwin't only stays a heartbeat longer before following his friend.  He can hear Danlynn's booted footsteps ahead of him, and also another set slapping closely behind.  Panic drives into him and pushes him to speed up his flight.  His feet splash into a deep pool and he stumbles but regains his pace quickly, staggering back into his fast run.

Without any light at all his vision strains to see the path and the obstacles lying within it.  He trips and bumps and crashes into everything ahead of him.  He fumbles with his hands stretched out in front of him to warn of more hindrances to his escape.  He is suddenly conscious that he
can no longer hear any footsteps.  He stops, lungs burning in his chest, to get his bearings.  He has traveled these caves hundreds of times, though in his frantic panic he has taken a wrong turn.  He walks a few steps into a large cavern and relief fills his body.  He stands at the edge of a sea of
stalagmites.  A single ray of sunlight casts brilliance throughout the chamber.  The needles.  He does not waste any more time and runs for the cave on the far side which leads back to the well.
A dark heavy figure crashes into the side of him and he tumbles to the floor.  A blow from a boot strikes him in the gut, knocking the wind from him.  He grunts and splutters as the attacker repeatedly kicks him.  He catches sight of a leather boot as it swings to strike him again and anger overpowers his fear.  It's not the ghoul from the lake at all.  He lashes out with his two feet and knocks his attacker to the ground beside him.
Tarfleam's pale features land only inches from his.  It is only then that he realizes that there is also someone else in the cavern.  Tye Slocot bends to help his friend, scowling at Darwin't as he does so.
"You've asked for it this time Utsa," Tarfleam mumbles cradling his arm. "First getting us banned from the shrine by blaming us for your prank and now you dare to hit me."
"We have to get out of here," Darwin't begins.
"Oh I don't think you'll be going anywhere fast.  Tye, get the rope and make sure he cannot get himself free." Tarfleam pulls his arm away from Tye and gets to his feet unattended.  "I'm going to make sure you miss the shrine to. By making sure you don't leave this cave until tomorrow."  His laughter stops suddenly and he freezes to the spot, eyes growing large and cloudy. Through Tarfleam's boots, Darwin't sees a pair of bare feet walking towards them.  "Don't look into its eye!" he screams though realizes it's no use.  Tye stands to the side, also mesmerized.  Darwin't has to get them to look away or the thing will be upon them in seconds.
"Dreamer," it purrs. "I find you."

©Lloyd Baron

What's on the Horizon?: I am currently writing the fifth book in the Prophecy of Ages Saga. It is called Shades of Malevolence and leads up to the beginning of the end, bring most of the story-lines to a close. I am also about to start a countdown deal on Amazon, beginning on the 18th of June

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What would you like to tell aspiring writers?: It's an oldie but true; don't stop. Write
for the passion and not for the money, because there really isn't that much of it.

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