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Name :: Creole Gaudet
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In the Author's Words :: I must admit that I honestly don't know what category or genre to place my work, but my best description would be single-life/street-life erotica. This is how I describe it when asked.
What I can say is that I am very descriptive. I try to place the reader within the story so that they can see, taste, smell and feel the environment. I am detailed by but not overbearing. I want you to hear the voices of the characters and see the expressions on their faces, but I try hard not to let that distract from the story.
It is a balancing act, but I think that I get it across.

Content Title :: True Confessions of a Libertine (18+ content for mature audiences)

So what's it about? :: True Confessions of a Libertine, is actually my
memoir. It is eight vignettes from my life as a single bachelor. In it I
detail the good and the bad from, close calls with the law, dangerous exes,
drugs, strip-clubs and just about everything else in between.

With permission I have been allowed to share her copyrighted work with you on my site. Please contact the author through her website before using any of the work seen here.

Content Sample :: You can read a sample from the Amazon site but I will add something I hope you enjoy.

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After several more dates, Gia decided it was time to pay me a visit at my apartment. She was to bring a few DVD's from her collection and I was to provide the popcorn.
I did a quick tidying up of my place. I took out the garbage, vacuumed, did a light dusting and placed fresh towels in the rest rooms. I had just done a thorough Febreezing when I heard a light knock at the door.
I opened it and there was Gia. She was standing with her sunglasses in her hand and a bright smile across her face. I was just able to quick-glance her pretty white sundress and matching sandals before she reeled me in with a generous hug and a tasty kiss on the lips. I invited her in.
After giving her a quick tour we sat on the sofa. Gia relieved her purse 
from her shoulder and removed the DVD's. I excused myself to the kitchen and tossed a couple of bags into the microwave. I emptied the popcorn into a large bowl and poured us two sodas. I was placing the snacks onto the coffee table when Gia cued the movie.
I sat down and Gia nestled up to me. I placed my arm across her shoulder in return. Eventually this led to kissing, heavy petting and exploring. With both hands I began to massage Gia's huge breasts. She rubbed and gripped my hard-on. I squeezed and thumbed at her nipples. She pulled back from me and stood. She removed her sundress and placed it neatly across the arm of the sofa. Her giant areolas were easily visible from the top of her bra. She
reached behind and undid the clasp, laid it next to her dress and sat back down.
I followed her lead, stood and removed my shirt and pants. Gia's eyes were laser focused on my crotch. I sat back down, and we began to kiss again. I ran my lips across her cheeks, down her neck and to her breasts. Her long nipples touch the roof of my mouth. Gia's hand found its way into my shorts.
Still following her lead, I slowly slid my hand into her panties. She had a small amount of hair across her mound but everywhere else was bare. She was already moist. I began to slide my fingers across her clitoris. Gia's reaction was immediate. Her heart rate and breathing went into full
acceleration. Gia grabbed the base of my shaft and squeezed tightly. She then milked it of its pre-come and placed her thumb into her mouth to taste me.
We then took it to my bedroom where it got even heavier. The dark room filled only with the faint street light peeking through the windows gave the scene an even sexier vibe. We were quickly locked in a passionate embrace. Our tongues did a Rumba within our tightly pressed lips. Our nude bodies melded into one and our heartbeats synched and were locked into the same rhythm.
As I began to enter her I was met with a sharp discourteous resistance. Gia abruptly absconded from my grasp and scurried away finding refuge at the very edge of the bed. She had curled into a fetal ball with her knees to her chest.
I turned over on my back to try to make sense of what had just happened. As I looked up at the ceiling, I ran several possible scenarios through my head. It couldn't have been something that I said because we weren't doing much talking and she hadn't said anything or had given any indication that
she was offended in any way. It could have been something emotional but her back was to me and I couldn't get a read of her face.
I watched a few more minutes as she lay there quiet before I finally broke 
the silence. "Are you ok?"
"Yeah, I'm fine," she said flatly as she quickly sat up. "I have to go." She grabbed her panties from the floor and began to gather the rest of her things together in the living room. I was hardly on my feet when I heard her riffling through her purse for her car keys. She was already reaching
for the door knob when I caught up to her.
"Hold up, Gia, let me at least walk you to your car." She paused, staring at the door with unseeing eyes. I hustled my clothes together, got dressed and slid my feet into a pair of sneakers. As I opened the door, Gia eagerly walked out. I pulled it to the edge of the frame without fully closing it
and followed behind. Neither of us spoke as we walked quietly to her vehicle.
She got in, buckled her seatbelt and started the ignition. As she backed out she gave me a quick hand wave with a fleeting appropriately forced smile. She placed the selector in drive and pulled away.
It was about an hour later when my phone rang. It was Gia. We talked, but only briefly. She never mentioned anything about the incident so I left it at that.
During the week, Gia again paid me another visit which pretty much amounted to a repeat of the first visit.
It was another passion filled canoodling session, but in this version, I had already begun to penetrate Gia's moistness and was at the halfway point before she shoved me away. She didn't curl up at the edge of the bed, wait for me to break the silence or even give me a chance to walk her to her car. She hurried her clothes on and was out of the door before I could even get out of the bed.
I had walked into the living room and was still getting dressed when I heard a soft knock at the door. My initial thought was that it may have been a neighbor. Were we too loud? I didn't think so because we only had the TV on and it wasn't at a high volume. I wasn't expecting company. I had
no idea.
I had just pulled my tee shirt down around my waist when I opened the door. 
It was Gia. She stood there looking at me intently with an expressionless 
stare. My first thought was that she must have forgotten something or maybe 
there was something wrong with her car.
"Are you ok, is something wrong?" I asked with genuine concern. Gia hesitated before speaking. "Are you mad?"
"No, Gia, of course I am not mad."
She stood silent for a few moments looking past me into the interior of my apartment. I looked back as to see what she was looking at. I refocused on her blank face. I wasn't quite sure but it seemed as if she wanted me to ask her back in. I didn't. Without saying a word, she pivoted on her heels and stamped away. I ducked back inside and tilted one of the louvers of the window blinds and watched as Gia darted across the driveway.
The tail lamps lit, the engine fired and the muffled musical rhythms thumped from the car stereo as Gia backed out of the parking spot. She raced the engine and squealed the tires as she sped away. I watched as Gia disappeared into the night.
©Creole Gaudet

What's on the Horizon? :: I am working on my next book now. I won't 
disclose the title yet but I will say that it deals with the world of 
pimping but from a different perspective. That is all that I can say now. 
Stay tuned.

Where can readers purchase your books or content? :: I am exclusively on 

Your favorite author (s)? :: Iceberg Slim, Donald Goins.

Any tips for aspiring writers? :: Learn the basics of story structure.

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