Ode to writers

Enjoy today's random musing

Writers, future, past and present-
let never a day go by
that the ink from your pen not flow
the voices in your head stand still and not be listened to
and set free to live out their adventure
between the covers of your book

let the old fashioned typewriter
never resist the pressure
from your fingers as you type each letter
in original typeset
yea I know what that is and
even had the opportunity to learn to type on such

Let your laptop or tablet never be stolen
or virus laden
and if so let insurance cover it fully
let predictive text work always in your favor
and eyestrain never be an issue
as you work to create your masterpiece

May the worlds that live in your subconcious
be in beautiful technicolor palettes
and the details of kingdoms and far off places
always have a name ready on your tongue

May you never get discouraged or
have extended writers block
May you always find your happy place to create
and spark your individual talents

May you forever tell us stories of wonder and intrigue,
until the day arthritis sets in and
dementia steals your timeline
but we your loyal fans and readers
will still be able to live through your writing
Your fantastical creatures, creations and plots

You 'll never guess where I saw this typewriter. It was sitting on a table in an Ashley's Home Store in Orlando    I had to snap a quick picture with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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