Writer Spotlight:G Whitman

Author :: G. Whitman
Your Website :: http://www.gwhitmanwriter.com/

In the Author's Words :: I enjoy seeing love and relationships. I'm interested in what makes people work or not work. I write contemporary romance to explore those things. I try to write what I feel is truthful and real.

Your favorite author (s)? :: Catherine Bybee, Diana Gabaldon, Sylvia Day

Any tips for aspiring writers? :: Find that story you want to write about and write with passion.

Title :: Love, French Toast and Bacon

With permission I have been allowed to share her copyrighted work with you on my site. Please contact the author through her website before using any of the work seen here

So what's it about? ::
Two people meet at a cooking class and are paired when their mutual friends don't make the class. They begin slow having been hurt in other relationships. The relationship is tested when one of them has to work in another country for a short period, and one of their former
flames works at trying to get that someone back.

This is a book still in progress...
Writing Sample ::
Neither of then wanted to wait, but did. Absence made the 
heart grow fonder or more the anticipation of some mind blowing sex?

Brian wasn't sure if Kelli would be soft and gentle or an animal in bed. 
Her kissing him meant she didn't mind being the aggressor. His minds eye 
painted lots of pictures...

© GL Whitman

What's on the Horizon? :: Currently working on two Novella length stories. 
One has a fantasy romance element to it which is explained in the end. No 
title on that one yet. Usually the title needs to come to me from the 
story. The second began from a title my husband gave me and I wrote a story 
based on that

Where can readers purchase your books or content? :: 

Since I am a wedding officiant I was also immediately drawn to this book by G Whitman. get this book or one of her others while she completes Love, French Toast and Bacon.

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From This Day Forward 

It's June 10th and today is a day in the life...For Bree and CJ it's their wedding day. Young love that starts with all its promise. For Michelle and Ryan it's their second anniversary. They have a young baby and one on the way. Can they handle it financially? How do various couples handle relationships through 5, 10, 25, 50 and even 75 years of marriage?

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