2022: my year in books


Hello, Who She Readers.

It's been a year since I did a blog post. I'm curious if people still read blogs. Anyways, let me catch you up on what I have been doing.

So at the end of 2021, I concluded a very harrowing six years of caregiving. If you were following me, you would have noticed that around 2016 everything came to a grinding halt. Book tours, reviews, author promotions, life as I had previously known it, but I digress. 

In the first quarter of 2022, I read extensively while searching for a job. I wanted to work from home due to some crippling health issues. I finally landed a contract job that ended in March of this year. I was thankful but knew it was not a good fit for me, yet I persevered until the contract ended. It took all of my strength to do the job, leaving me emotionally and creatively drained and barely able to see by the end of the day.

I read for my happiness, to keep myself going, and on every break, during any slow periods, after work, and mostly on weekends. Reading kept me mentally afloat.

I read a lot of sci-fi, alien, and monster stories. 

Monsters. Who knew? 

Aliens with wings, Twins, Fancy peens, and big Alpha energy. I discovered a whole new list of favorite things.

It also means that I have discovered a few more indie authors along the way. YAY, Indie!!!

Some of my go-to authors to read now include (but are not limited to):

C.M. Nacosta

Clio Evans

S.J Sanders

Honey Phillips

Tiffany Roberts

Ursa Dax

Sara Ivy Hill

Ashley Bennett

Opal Reyne

Tammy Walsh

Ann Aguirre

Hattie Jacks

Ruby Dixon

Kimberly Lemming

And the list goes on. I stalk most of these authors on IG and TikTok—Twitter, and FB; meh, not so much. If you have not read any of their work, check them out before you do, so know that words between the pages of these authors' books come with heavy CW/TW. Read at your own risk. 

I was going to list all of the books I read in 2022, but I decided a link to my Goodreads page would be better. Oh yeah, and ignore my TBR list. It is atrocious in length.

I am off to a decent start so far for 2023 at 59 books as of today. I am reading longer books this year. I am currently reading Verity.  

What?! You say aghast!

I know, I know. It has been a while since I have read a mainstream book. I honestly am not sure why or when I got it. It was probably a depression purchase; sometimes I shop when down, and then I am surprised later. This was that I assure you. 

I am considering picking up book blogging and promoting indie authors again. What do you think? Should I get back into the book hustle?

Let me know on Twitter. I still have the same one @whoshereads

Well, let me get back to my reading. See you soon.

Thank you for reading!!


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