Review: He's Just a Man

He's Just A Man: Making the Most of your Womanly Powers by Rebecca Warner

Because of the title, I was not sure what I signed up for. I was hoping that it was not going to be a scorned woman's pen to paper male bashing, being passed off as self help. 

Refreshingly, it was not.
This book essentially takes a straightforward, unabashed look at some very common issues with the dating and sexual rituals between men and women; taking those preconceived notions and turning them on their head.  

Throughout the book, author Rebecca Warner is encouraging and upbeat, welcoming women to experience the power of owning our lot in life as women. Championing the truly strong women in us all. Challenging the reader to be receptive and adaptable to a different way of looking at whatever traditional or non existing notions they may have. This self help book is more like friendly advice and does not feel preachy or boring.

This book is truly written for everyone!
In language, that at times feels a bit dumbed down, author Rebecca Warner gives advice and solutions to actively implement. Some of the individual subjects in the book that were discussed, were really basic things like cleanliness. As I read it, I was like, are you serious... you really thought this was necessary to discuss. Then I thought back to the many times in bathrooms at very professional jobs that some of the prettiest, sexiest women (or those that thought they were) had some of the most disgusting bathroom habits. You know the one's I am talking about. The one's you make a mental check note to not eat whatever they bring for potluck Fridays. So bravo for taking it there. Moving right along....

He's Just a Man also gives advice derived from both men and women so that it doesn't feel as one-sided as the title may suggest. It's full of practical, everyday solutions you can immediately apply. I guarantee that everyone who reads it will find a little piece of themselves in the book.  There are no wasted words and fluff in this book. It's a quick easy read that you can refer back to over and over and suggest to your friends. The examples are helpful so that nothing will go over your head.
I also realized that many women don't talk to their daughters about things like this. Leaving them to be floundering for themselves which in turn leads to uninformed women. We only know what we are taught or learn through experience. 

So here's my two cents...
I enjoyed it. I loved the open and balanced approach used to get her message across to a wide range of women. The book is broken up into easy bite sized chapters so you won't feel overwhelmed.
Read the book! Go and buy a copy for your girls and have an open dialogue. Smack your lips in disgust if you feel the need, because of course your life is perfect, cheer for the parts you like, then stop, put on your big girl panties and start applying some of the concepts that personally resonate with you. Take control of your wonderful, powerful self! With that said, remember to do it with class. (Read the book to get a genuine grasp of the concept if you are not quite sure what true class is) Own your womanly power!

I give this book 5 stars. 

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