Review: Resolve and Retribution

This is a book review for Resolve and Retribution by Michael W Holman

Warning this may contain spoilers

Yay! It's a vampire story review! As you all know I love, love, love, my vampire stories!

This is a supernatural, paranormal kinda 'love' story that is filled with action, betrayal, adventure and a fearless resolve. Resolve and Retribution grabs you on the first page and carries you along for the ride of a lifetime...well actually Ben Hammonds lifetime.

Author Michael W Holman's debut novel spins a unique tale that starts in the MC Ben Hammond's life when he was a young, fragile boy. This first book in the series (yes there is a second part to the awesomeness!) reads almost like two parts of a series by itself. The first part of the story gives us an in depth introduction into Ben's life, introduces us to his family, friends, work buddies and people in his life that had a direct influence on him. They all play integral parts in the story and unfortunately  are destined to get sucked into what is currently, unbeknownst to him, a whole dark side of his life. Work, run, work, run his spare time engage in a centuries old vampire war. The year is 1982

Enter the vampire(s)
Otherwise referred to as the "nocturnal social circle" (at least that's what Ben's dad calls them)
Ben has a secret. He has a vampire guardian, Tabitha, from England, who has been with him since he was a young boy. Thing is, he didn't remember anything until he was a specific age for a specific reason. His vampire guardian falls in love with him during her duty of protection while she is busy trying to protect him from her lunatic ex, Xavier and the psycho vamp known affectionately as Lilith. Lilith is a grandiose vampire with a healthy dose of wickedness in her veins and her own evil sidekick, Victoria. Tabitha's mother Claudia, has been keeping her daughter in the dark about some issues, so her and Ben get a bit of a rude awakening about the same time. Claudia is an interesting character but unfortunately makes her own untimely exit. Jane is refreshing as a guardian sidekick. Oh and yes of course there is a council...well.... duh!

The second half of the story...
There will be aliens?
Enter the Dragon. This was an unexpected twist. That's all I am going to say.

my two cents
I like how author Michael W Holman captures the very simple and ordinary essence of his character, not over puffing him up. Ben Hammonds could rightfully be anyone's next door neighbor. He's solid and does not have any delusions of grandeur. Despite his otherworldly adventures, he still gets up and goes to work, drives an unimpressive car and lives in a normal apartment. He deals with an extraordinary situation will tangible emotions and formidable human grit.  He uses his own wit and know how to stay alive against an adversary who truly wants him dead.

I get the feeling that this story also paid homage to the industry that the author works in. Being a former government employee myself, I immediately appreciated the character/reality  link. Well done and I hope they have all gotten the opportunity to enjoy your story.  The author takes great pains to explain concepts and references used throughout the the one about Kipling. (one of my favorite stories from my youth by the way)

This story is told in first person and uses a combination of flashback and present day timelines to tell the tale. The author builds a strong connection between reader and character. There is some inter-weaving of life lessons throughout the story which helps us to connect with the MC.

Sex scenes you ask? Not much really, just minor references and some phrases alluding to affection. So its safe reading for teens and up. There is a smattering of cursing, but Hell, this is a vampire story and swearing is usually warranted. Author Michael W Holman has packed a lot of layers and story into Resolve and Retribution creating the story from his unique perspective and world view. No sparkles here. The Vampires' powers are not inflated, but believable and don't suck up all of the space in the story. (pun intended) Its labeled as horror, but it didn't really feel like a horror novel.

One of my favorite lines in the story-
...Tabitha would no sooner leave you here in the Pacific Northwest than she'd sunbathe on Daytona Beach at high noon....
WOOT! WOOT!, shout out to Florida

I would definitely recommend this story,.. unless, of course, you don't like being entertained, you don't like a well conceived story and plot lines and you don't like surprises.
The only thing that would make this book even better for me, strictly speaking, other than getting a signed copy of the Hardcover, would be amp up the sexy between Ben and Tabitha! (hint hint)

I give this book 4.9 stars
Resolve and Retribution
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