The Word Changers

This is a book review for The Word Changers by Ashlee Willis

From the beginning sentence until the last, this story sweeps you away into a fantasy adventure that is engaging and full of magical characters.

This is a Christian Fantasy adventure by new author Ashlee Willis that proves you can have a great fantasy story that is imaginative, youth appropriate and fun to read.

We wake up in the story along with the Main Character, Posy to find she is no longer in her tumultuous home life. You're not in Kansas any more Dorothy....but I digress. She is thrown into the role of the missing main character and at every corner is finding that there is no one to trust. Almost everyone she meets has devious plans brewing. The trusted advisor has plans of his own too (Judas much?).

Similar to her life back home,  family discord abounds and she has got to find a way out. No one is really whom they should be,greed and selfishness are the true rulers in this story.

Posy soon finds herself involuntarily on a quest of  dangerous proportion and along the way finds out more about herself and her companion. The characters and situations they meet along the way offer up magic, wonder, mystery and a bit of fear. There is some symbolism in the book, but it works well with the tale.
This is a wonderfully written story that is age appropriate for young and old fantasy readers with lots of action and adventure. It's a seamless story with a light underlying moral. The Word Changers was engaging and truly well written. In this story, words do matter, but in the end it is more about the change that came from within.  Love emerges and changes the way the characters see themselves and their surrounding. The fight for what is right and true is a wonderful journey in the Word Changers.

Definitely pick up a copy of the Word Changers by Ashlee Willis. I am eagerly looking forward to her next works.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

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