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I like to wander around to see what kind of neat things I can find for a dollar. Yep a dollar. So I often find myself in Family Dollar, Dollar Tree and Dollar General. I recently discovered that they have books for a dollar at Dollar Tree and not just paperbacks. Family Dollar and Dollar General can range from $1-$8. Be advised Family Dollar and General Dollar only get books sporadically, However Dollar Tree usually has a dedicated section to books. If you see something you like definitely snatch it up because it won't be there forever. Don't feel bad about being book savvy.

Granted the books are not the hottest thing out right now, but it's a great way to find authors you have not read yet and try them out without spending a ton of money. I mean seriously, I love browsing in Dollar Stores but it's true, I have never said "Honey I am going to the Dollar Store to buy books." Well as you can see, that has definitely changed. Follow this post to get books for a dollar.

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The funny thing is when I shop at Dollar Tree I am that crazy shopper who will still ask at the register "is this really a dollar?" I know they probably want to punch me in the face but some of the deals are really unbelievable. I check the inside covers and the back jackets and we are talking about books that at some point sold for over $20. These are now pretty cheap books. So yeah....unbelievable and so thankful. In addition, since I have started this book blog I am finding use for some things around the house that I can use in my photographs for bookstagram postings on IG @weddingsbooksnwine

You can find great little items to dress up your home, book shelves or your posts for Instagram.
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The Old Gray Wolf
by James D Doss

So this wonderful book in hardback was only ...yep you guessed it $1

In James D. Doss's final entry in his wild and witty mystery series, Colorado rancher and tribal investigator Charlie Moon faces his most challenging case―and enemy―to date.
Former police officer, sometime tribal investigator, and current rancher Charlie Moon was enjoying a relaxing vacation day in a nearby town with his friend, Police Chief Scott Parris. They weren't looking for any trouble, and they would have been more than happy to just mind their own business. But then a lady's purse is snatched―and things start to get seriously out of hand…
When the thief, LeRoy Hooten,makes a run for it, Charlie and Parris have no choice but to stop him with the only weapon they have on-hand: a can of black-eyed peas.Hooten dies and his grieving mother―who happens to be a brutal mobster's widow―wastes no time in settling the score.With an assassin (code name: Cowboy) on the way, the FBI close behind, and the ominous visions of his shaman Aunt Daisy influencing his every move, Charlie's going to need all the help he can get to restore law and order on the Ute reservation. And time is running out…

Make sure you get Coffin Man and A Dead Man's Tale and read those first! 

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Dollar Tree 2015

The next time you are in Dollar Tree take a look at the books on the shelf. You may be surprised at what you find. They have paperback and Hardbacks available for a dollar....Yep a dollar! Enjoy the dollar deals.

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