Writer Spotlight: Bambi St. James

Author :: Bambi St. James
Website or Blog :: bambistjames.wordpress.com

In the Author's Words :: 
Drama filled story with a suspenseful erotic edge. A great build up with an ending leaving the reader in awe. As a single woman I will typically write about the greats as well as the woes of looking for love while balancing and searching for the perfect career.

So what's it about? ::
Mya has spent the last couple of years entertaining married men. Its not ideal but neither is wearing a chasity belt when men are approaching. Not the ideal men but good looking and offering less lonely nights. That is until she meets Dr. Buchanan. So if Mya is consumed with her new forever why is someone else concerned with her recent past. The calls with no one answering, the flowers with no sender then the surprised visits from angry and hurt wives. Can Mya convince them of her new ways before harm comes to her?

Title :: All Their Husbands

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Let's take a look at what's inside :: 
Returning from lunch with Chris, Ms. Connie says, "You 
have a visitor."
I pause at her desk, "Already in my office," I asked confused.
"Yes, she said you were expecting her."
There are nonappointments for me this afternoon, but more importantly I 
can't believe Ms. Connie just let someone sit in my office. True there 
isn't a waiting area up here but one on each floor  below us. We have few 
appointments up here. The partners see clients in their offices or in one 
of the conference  rooms. Heading to my office to get the impromptu client 
out so I can get my own work done with nothing to linger into my weekend, Ms. 
Connie's voice stops me.
"She said her name is Mrs. Jerome Bailey.'
Stunned and not to lie, slightly shaken, my mind goes in many directions. 
Why is she here? My palms start to sweat as my heat rate begins to build. 
This is a bold move telling the receptionist your name like we are friends. 
This isn't something I need at work during my good week. How does she know 
where I work or even who I am? Lots of questions and no time to stand out 
here with Ms. Connie staring at me. Smiling at her,  I enter my office 
cautiously and with sweating palms. Never had this scenario gone through my 
mind, so how to act is utterly lost to me. There was just never the thought 
of someone confronting me. Never the thought of being seen with them in 
public by someone who knew none were my husband. Besides, I just knew it 
was something they all had handled, particularly Jerome.
She wouldn't come here to hurt me would she?
People have done crazier for less.
Nerves everywhere, I open the door to see her sitting in one of the two 
chairs in front of my desk with one leg crossed over the other dressed in a 
cream Chanel suit, gold pumps and little gold jewelry. Her hair is pulled 
off her face into a perfect bun.

What's on the Horizon? :: A sequel to A Friendly Betrayal is in the works.

Where can readers purchase your books or content? :: Anywhere books are 

Who is/are Your favorite author (s)? :: Eric Jerome Dickey and Mary B Morrison

Any tips for aspiring writers? :: Be patient with your writing process as 
well as the recognition process.

You can read this book and many of her others on  any of these sites :: Amazon/Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads

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