Who Dunnit Author Event Day 6

The Dead Sister (Private Investigator Adam Lapid Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense Series Book 2) by author Jonathan Dunsky

The murder was brutal. But now the police don't want to catch the murderer.

If justice can be found for the victim, Adam Lapid must find it himself.

In Israel in 1949, the murder of Maryam Jamalka, a young Arab woman, is being ignored.

The newspapers won't report it. The police won't investigate.

So the victim's brother turns to private investigator Adam Lapid to seek justice.

Adam's investigation will plunge him into a murky underworld of crime and depravity, and put his life in jeopardy.

To catch the murderer, he must come face-to-face with true evil.

And if he's not careful, Adam may be the one who ends up dead next.

You will love The Dead Sister because it is a gripping mystery novel with an unforgettable private investigator. 

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