As you may have noticed...

I apologize for my brief absence.  Busy with weddings and health stuff and caregiving ....Yada, yada

As you may have noticed...There haven't been a whole lot of posts over the past few weeks.

Summer of Sci -Fi Author Event and Everything is Perfectly Paranormal Author Events have been postponed due to lack of author participation. Maybe over the next few weeks I will see what I can scrounge up book wise for you if you are interested. In October the 13 Days of Horror Author Event is coming up and I am looking forward to adding a few more authors in the mix.

In November, I am not doing any special events because its my birth month and the beginning of Holidays, voting, etc. So its also the one time when you as authors or readers can suggest any books, any genre. I am considering doing a RH only event...ahhh, we will see! ok so my lovelies don't forget to subscribe. There are still plenty of books to check out on this sight.

Summer of Sci-Fi 
It's gonna be an out of this world experience as you travel to another dimension of writing with authors who specialize in the Science Fiction genre 
Participating authors need to sign up between 8/2-8/10

Everything is Perfectly Paranormal
Paranormal, Supernatural, Shifters, Superheroes and their authors are just hanging out here
Participating authors need to sign up between 8/20-8/30

13 Days of Horror
Get ready for creepy crawlies and keep your nightlight on as Horror authors take over 
Participating authors need to sign up between 10/1-10/15


No Events at this time.
Authors are free to sign up for any event between 11/7-11/14

Go to the Events page to sign up.


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