Review: Returns and Reunions

This is my book review for Returns and Reunions by Author Michael W Holman
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Yay! We are back on the Vampire Book Train!

The second installment of this action packed horror saga by Author Michael W Holman opens up right where we left off in Resolve and Retribution.

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ok so where were we?
Picking up right where we left off in Bush Park, We immediately find our couple Ben and Tabitha under a sensual attack from Victoria. The stakes are higher and Victoria is bent on reeking maximum damage!
As you know from book 1 the very crazy Lilith killed off the council, and basically had her way with Tabitha whom she had claimed centuries before Ben was even born, before she gave up the ash herself after the alien tech worked against her.

....Oh you missed all of that? No worries, I got you! Get your copy of  Resolve and Retribution 

In this installment Victoria is playing dirty and there are immediate causalities which fuel our MC Ben Hammonds into action. Prepared to have your heart broken and be a little pissed off. Eagle, the banished alien from book 1 makes a return appearance in book 2 Returns and Reunions.

The writing in book 2, Returns and Reunions, is a little more fluid and fast paced. The story is once again action packed. The MC Ben Hammonds is forced to finally take a vacation from work due to all of the craziness. And yes he is still retaining his humanity through this battle. Good for us and good for him so we can all focus on the impossible task that Ben has ahead of him,. Ridding the world of  a vengeful vampire who is even more dangerous than her sire, Lilith. And of course we cannot expect her to play fair. Victoria has managed to get her hands on a weapon that could possibly turn the tables in her direction.

The only small bit of hope is that Dragon's technology seems to be having some adverse repercussions due to the extended use and exposure. Will it be enough to give an ordinary mortal an upper hand? You will have to read the book to find out!

my favorite lines
...At that point, a sensible man would have simply nodded, said okay, or made any one of a dozen responses that demonstrated he possessed a thimbleful of wisdom somewhere in the depths of his brain. Naturally, I remained true to myself.

my two cents
While there are weird sex encounters happening, and there are a smattering of  "choice words" it is not even close to an R rating. Still safe for teens and young adults. The story is dynamic, the flow is wonderful and it definitely is even more of a page turner than book 1. Just like it's predecessor, there is no skimping on the plot, action or emotion. The dialogue throughout both books is extremely well written and easy to follow. You once again immediately connect with all the players and find yourself rooting for an HEA.
Not everyone does a good sequel... but this is a good sequel. I truly look forward to more of author Michael W Holman's writing!

I give this book 5+ stars
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