Wednesday Wine and A Book

Wednesday Wine and a Book segment is for the grown and sexy adults 21+ who enjoy a tasty adult beverage along with their favorite author. So raise your glass. It's always 5pm on #WWAB

Wednesday Wine and A Book

This week's theme is Peach

This week's wine suggestion is Belmonti Bellini Peach
A delicious sparkling cocktail of wine and peach juice: the bubbly brings the celebration and the peach brings the taste of summer year round. This vivacious cocktail will brighten your brunch or any gathering with its sunset hue, fresh, sun ripened peach flavor and vibrant sparkling finish.  Get this at your local Aldi's

This week's book suggestion is Peach by R. Paul Gannon

PEACH comprises two short stories. First is the story of Peach, a pretty black school girl looking for a summer job, and Calvin Briggs, an old whiskey drinking Cracker who owns a run-down gas station. Their paths cross in rural Alabama in 1951. Despite the great difference in their ages and social status, they find common ground within their small rural community . . . Long ago, Cal and Peach's once beautiful grandmother, Lydia, had been teenage lovers. Unable to overcome the bigotry that prevailed, in the South, in the early nineteen hundreds, Cal and Lydia had parted, and Cal had grieved over their decision ever since. 

The second short story is Millie in the Boardroom. It's about an elderly scrub woman and her overbearing boss. Eventually Millie, who is not totally in her right mind, decides to put him down

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