Hello Sunday

Sunday Mornings are a beautiful time for reflection, rejuvenation and relaxation. They are the beginning of some people's week, while it is the end of the week for still more of us out here. Sundays are a time to make plans for the rest of the week and a time for contemplating the happenings of the week you are now ending.

What happened in your life that was good this past week? What goal did you accomplish. what goals have you set for next week. Think about the quiet place in your mind. Now Breathe in. Exhale. Breathe in and Exhale.


This week's book is an older weight loss program from about 2008. I actually picked up this book in my local Dollar Tree

Bestselling author and weight-loss expert Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., has inspired thousands of dieters to lose weight and keep it off using the power of Cognitive Therapy. Her techniques emphasize preparing the mind and changing eating habits before making changes to the food you eat. Now, for the first time, Dr. Beck outlines the next step on the road to success: a specific, balanced diet plan that teaches how to eat thin to ensure that weight loss lasts a lifetime.
Based on the eating choices of her most successful dieters and maintainers, The Complete Beck Diet for Life provides a step-by-step approach to weight loss by helping readers successfully navigate the 5 stages of learning to eat thin. Each stage teaches a different skill necessary for losing weight and keeping it off. It starts by first helping dieters change their thinking so they can make permanent changes in their eating. When dieters are ready to change what they eat, they determine the right food plan, including comprehensive suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and bonus foods, as well as a Think Thin menu formula with 37 recipes for Phase 2 of the plan and 15 bonus recipes for Phase 4. In addition, a sample strength-training plan is provided to help shape up while slimming down; interactive elements include filling out Response Cards, completing daily eating logs, and charting progress on weight-loss graphs.

the complete Beck diet for life by NY Times bestselling author Judith S Beck, Ph.D


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