Review: The Nefarious, Noble and Nocturnal

Quick, light and entertaining read

It was a very short, one sitting read that seemed to end rather abrupt for the first story.  I do like short engaging stories that have an HEA ending which all 4 stories seem to share. It seems a page or two more within each work would have rounded out the overall story line. The small insertion of paranormal element into each story made it more interesting, and finishing up with a vampire story is always a plus in my book. Author Michael W. Holman continues to weave his environment, historical knowledge and life experiences into each tale as seen in his previous works I have reviewed on my blog.
Resolve and Retribution   +   Returns and Reunions

The realism zaps a bit of the escapism some readers, like myself, seek when reading paranormal stories. But otherwise, really takes nothing else  away from the book. Well- written, good variety and looking forward to more works like this. This is a light reading book that can easily be read on your lunch break.

3.5 stars


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