A Rainbow Author Event Day 6

Kitten by author Jack Harbon

Newly released in May 2019

Fresh out of college and back on his older sister's couch, Kit expected his days to return to the way they'd always been. He anticipated spending his days perusing Netflix with one hand on the remote and the other in a box of pizza, but when he's given the opportunity for a job at one of New York City's newest advertising agencies, there's no way he can turn the offer down. Unfortunately for Kit, this job might be more than he bargained for.

Not only does Roman - his handsome yet ruthless new boss - let his wandering eye linger just a little too long, Kit can't seem to shake the feeling that the glitzy personal assistant gig he just landed might be a bit shadier than he imagined. Before he's even able to make a reservation for Roman's dinner at Le Bernardin, Kit's professional and personal life become one, and he finds himself forced to somehow separate business from pleasure.

Easier said than done, especially when it’s his job to take care of Roman’s every need.

The Babysitter (Encounters Book 1)

“Every story deserves a…happy ending.”
Hayden Rose loves two things in life: babysitting Danielle, and writing scandalous, steamy stories. After an embarrassing encounter with Danielle’s father Victor, Hayden quickly realizes that the two of them just might share some of the same fantasies. He knows it’s wrong, but Hayden can’t help himself. With Victor being newly single and their constant presence around each other, Hayden decides to stop chickening out on life and go for it. He’s going to make one of his fantasies a reality, and Victor wants to help.

The Babysitter is first installment in a 5-part series of 10,000-word erotic gay stories all about sexy encounters and dirty escapades.

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