Rainbow Author Event 2019

Hey my Lovelies it's June and you know what that means! 

Who She Reads will be inviting authors to participate in this free event over the next two weeks!
Celebrating the fabulousness of LGBT writers, authors, publishers, and the books that are written for and by lgbtqia+

Are you ready?!!! I know I am
Let's get the books rolling in with

WOLF Creek: A gay werewolf fantasy by author Nikko Lee

Being the Silverbane pack's omega is killing Josh.
His plans to escape are foiled when he is blackmailed into finding a new alpha capable of controlling the largest pack in New England before the Amazons cull it. Josh has no clue how he is going to accomplish this task, let alone stay out of the sights of his power-hungry cousin, Bryce, who is convinced he is the pack’s next alpha.
Josh befriends Andrea, an erratic Amazon trainee, who talks to the ghost of her dead mother and has her own agenda when it comes to the wolf pack. When he is rescued by Gavin, a handsome park ranger driven to live in the furthest reaches of civilization, Josh feels a pull toward him that is more than just physical attraction. The three develop a bond that is stronger than friendship and tested at every turn.
With the help of his new family, Josh must find the strength within him to save the Silverbane pack and defeat the evil that threatens to turn them into killers. Only then can he finally be free.

What is the must read LGBT book of 2019? I don't know yet but am looking forward to this happy celebration of diversity and creativity.


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